RING and Hobbits postcard collection on sale!

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the new postcard collection of Hobbits:<adventure with Baggins> is now on sale in my TaoBao shop.
if you are live in China(mainland) ,Taiwan,Hongkong or any where can use Alipay,you can get these beautiful postcard set as your holiday gift!
and also the good sell stuff <back to the Middle Earth>postcard collection is have a new looking on sell too!!
4a46cd93gw1ebevds21oqj20ku34whdt by breath-art

4a46cd93gw1ebevdjksnxj20ku2tqe81 by breath-art

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I am in the US and would also love to have these. Any chance? I would also buy digital downloads and print my own if you are up for that. These are amazing  and would be so perfect for my husband's birthday. 
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you can buy DA prints in US. sorry can not offer digital copy. 
Thank you. I just ordered a print. Your work is beautiful. 
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I also would like to purchase these in the USA. Is there a way to purchase them directly from you?
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Is there not any way to sell them to the USA? :( I would totally buy them!!
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If only there was a way to get these to the US!  I want!
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