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welcome from Lothlorien

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wonderful work! I particularly love your representation of Galadriel, Celeborn, and the mallorn trees. It's also great how you have included Gandalf's battle with the balrog, and how Boromir is facing away from the company, foreshadowing his betrayal. I also think that Gimli is adorable, holding his special gift from Galadriel!
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最早是在WorldHobbit的twitter上看到这些画 很喜欢 一直以为是老外画的 今天顺着图上的水印找到你这里 发现原来是我们中国人画的 好激动啊 为你点赞Clap 
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Oooooh, Galadriel's hair!
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It's just wonderful. If it were possible to turn this piece of art into stained glass, I'd be more than amazed! Hats off!
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Your art is full of cool! :wow:
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Just saw this one posted on Facebook and it had no water mark. I posted a comment asking about the watermark and telling them you were the artist.
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Oh, Poor Borimir! I want to hug him!
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It's hard to pick a favorite from your gallery, but this might be one of them. Will this one be available for purchase in the future?
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This is beautiful. It's like the stained glass opening from the Disney Beauty and the Beast film. Excellent work. :clap:
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I would totally have one of this portrait on the glasses of my future house...
projectilelust's avatar
make this available as a print, please!
SicilianValkyrie's avatar
Your art is so personal and beautiful! I'm happy to have found your gallery!
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Galadriel looking at the mirror doesn't seem pretty but the rest is very good!
Please, please make this available as a print! I really want it on my wall.
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beautiful and amazing, thanks for posting! love the stained glass window look!
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This is...I have no words to describe this...
Love this! Galadriel is my favorite, and I love that you included the statuary and the whole tone of Lothlorien. Absolutely gorgeous. I just wish it was available as a print because I would get it immediately.
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i like the lotr-series very much, so colourful :) and also the recent pieces are very beautiful. its a pity that i have to decide wether i get sth. to eat or get some prints of your art. but thats student´s life ^^
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very beautiful
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I really want to buy a copy of this print, can you enable the buy feature on this one?
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Yeah, me too: I have few orders for this from members of our Tolkien Society "smial" in Milan. Can you enable the prints?
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These are so AWESOME!
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Oh my GOD love your depiction of Galadriel's Test
LittleBoazFly's avatar
You have such a great Style<3
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