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the return of the king

By breath-art
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It reminds me of Tomm Moores art. It looks like stained glass church art. I love how abstract and exaggerated it looks. It looks very slick. I love how it creates the scene from the movie in your own style.
ZensRokOner's avatar
Have you published a book featuring these works? Bet it would fly off the shelves.
Ranki-Chee's avatar
This is really pretty, and I love the four hobbits at the Great Tree in the back :)
dorlestar's avatar
thats all great on this picture,thanks
I love all your Tolkien stained glass art but this one is my favorite. Please make this available as a photo print so that I can buy it. Thanks!
Isen-Vinter's avatar
wow looksa awesome....but why is gondors tree a white menora^^°?
writermartin42's avatar

This scene in the movies is one of the few times I have ever openly wept during a movie.


Especially the very end when King Elessar looks at the kneeling hobbits and says quietly,


"My friends. You bow to no one"


And then the greatest King of Men since Elendil himself knelt before four simple hobbits from the Shire, and all of Middle Earth followed suit.

Illaris3's avatar
beautiful as always
MullinstheGreat's avatar
your work is just amazing, beyond words and . . . dare I say it . . . EPIC!
AimeeSaysWhat's avatar
I'm gonna go broke
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Great, as always.
Nortstar's avatar
it look so amaznig ^^
CindysArt's avatar
Very beautiful work! :clap:
HoshiBlue21's avatar
there are so magical!!!!!!!
HoshiBlue21's avatar
I love all your Lord of the Rings art, and can't stop imagine them in big stained glass windows!!!!!!!!!
GeekyNerfherder's avatar
AlessiaPelonzi's avatar
Only one word to describe it: MASTERPIECE.
petia84's avatar
your art is always great!
Orikunie's avatar
incredibly beautiful!!
Avis-Praeda's avatar
Beautiful! I like how the White Tree resembles a menorah.
VladymyrSH's avatar
Epic. Great. I like it
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