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the queen:Azshara

the fan art selected by blizzard offical site for the desktop wallpaper~~~
now you can get large copy in here in print~~~
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this captures Azshara so well.

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Dear gods, help us! She found the Stargate!

Hehehe, just kidding. ;) Beautiful drawing!
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Thank you for inspiring me to make this: [link]
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your model rededign are also great!!thanks
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ah, so the beta model was based off of this one, but they chose one the ~Vaanel guy made
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I think the left half of this picture is missing, I found the same pic in my archives and theres a red monster on the left side that isn't in this version, how strange
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So you do you have contacts in Blizz or were just lucky to guess Azshara's look in WoW?
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it is just lucky~~haha
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Lol, i wrote human Azshara
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My inner fanboy screams cause she doesnt hace silver hair and golden eyes, but it still is the best human Azshara image. I love it
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i like the lore in the art
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Where's the rest of the pic?:D That demon next to the portal?:D
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I would positively, tap that. >:l
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In my opinion, this is one of top five fantasy art pieces I've ever seen.
knaak did a good job with her. she was so delightfully bitchy and mad.
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I find this artwork simply amazing and it portrays perfectly the beautiful yet dangerous/mad Queen of the Kaldorei. Really great but I have a single bad thing to say about it, Azshara's eyes are supposed to be golden. Other than that, this is just incredible. :0
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thats amazing, you got her look and expression perfect from the book :D
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Azshara! :D hey i saw this art on wowwiki back when i was reading of lore.
It's really lovely!
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