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the other side beyond the mist

the map of pandarian land with my style~~hope you like it~~

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The last good WoW expansion.
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This is really cool. I like things like this.
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Amazing!!! 💕
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I like how it is the entire map of pandaria in a way.
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so many different feels in different parts of the picture. This one lives of the beautiful detail, absolutely stunning. :)
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Wow, nice! That's a lot to take in.
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this makes me think of kung fu panda kinda   although I know its totally different from that...and I also have a really bad craving for some dumplings right now.
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This is so cool!
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your work is beautiful i just love your style 
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Amazing ! I'm fond of all the details =)
Who is the character on the very top of Kun Lai ?
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Oh, its Shaohao, my bad.
Very Nice !
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It's my favourite of the three...
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It's my favorite picture from Tribute. Good job.
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You're a wonderful artist, but you draw women too much like sex objects in your art. Women are always reduced to their body parts, it's sad you can't simply sit back and enjoy the work of amazing artists without being reminded that all you are as a gender is tits, tits, tits.
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I want this one on my wall.
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This is... WOW.
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I believe to missing Thunder Island and Giant Island. .... Never mind. You drawings are great
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This picture is lots of fun, bright colors, finely detailed and so much to look at and capture the imagination. What's not to love?
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This piece has lots of energy, bright vibrant colors, beautiful outlines and so much detail to get lost in, as with all your works of this nature. Thank you for sharing you wonderful talents with the world.
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