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the cataclysm map(new version)

this is a update version of the WoW game map with my style~~add some new element of world~hope you like it~
and old version is here

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Can I have your permission to use this picture in a project for myself?  Nothing to sell, just use the image in a personal project
Hello, I'd like to purchase this print as well if possible 
Hi, I'd like to buy this print, is this possible?
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The artstlye of this map reminds me of the maps from The Road To El Dorado, How To Train Your Dragon, and The Emperor's New Groove. Pretty amazing work
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this is so cool! insta-watch ^_^
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Holy fuck. Have you considered working for Blizzard with this kind of talent?
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Luv this, a little ZeldaStyle :3
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Absolutely stunning, and I don't even play WoW!
My daughter said "Ooh, that's so cool, I love it I love it!".  High praise from a 4 year old.  (Followed a link I found on Reddit, if you're suddenly seeing lots of traffic.)
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is this no longer available as a print?
is this one available for purchase?
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love how u added in the secret snail squid palace island.
Wow, this is great, i would love this as a poster but there is no way i am spending that much, crazy, shame you are not on something like redbubble where buying artist's posters are reasonable prices.
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This is just the best. I purchased the print, can't wait for it to arrive. xoxo.
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I can't see this pic :(
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OMG can you make a Middle Earth map like this?? Pretty please~~ it is so COOL!!
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Triforce in Uldum.
Looks super cool. I realize you didn't include every zone but I feel it ought to have the Dark Portal. Other than that, it's perfect!
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is the nautilus south of Eastern Kingdoms one of the fabuled "dragon islands" ? ya know that old developers' stuff
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Damn this is so great!
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I can't find Dalaran XD
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