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the cataclysm

a new trying to draw the map of Azeroth.
make it looks like the color glass window in the church~~
it is a very happy test!!!
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This is awesome, not only does it fit so well for WoW but it also reminds me of Samurai Jack in how it tells a story. Really lovin' this!

(URK! Urge to rejoin WoW...rising...)
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I'm in love with it.. It may trap me inside it forever still will love it forever Love ur Artstyle ^^TwoMouse Icon 
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epic epic! I love your style ! :)
Clap Love 
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please tell us how you draw things like this.
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This is so pretty!!!!!
Come ,play wow they said,it's just a game they said,This is Awesome ,btw style of your paintings are very inspiring and beautiful :inlove:
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17 different kinds of awesome, both this and the other stained glass esque works. Well done!
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looks like samurai jack art !! =D
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I'm loving Yogg'Saron in the top :P He looks all mad and angry for some reason :P
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If I were some ugly ass squid trapped under a massive tower I think I would be too!
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I don't get the naga but everything else is wonderful
Also, Queen Azshara is a gigantic naga now, and she's got her tentacles all over the place.
It's just a creative way of illustrating the oceans that divide Kalimdor on the left from Eastern Kingdoms on the right.
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The Naga, I believe is Queen Azshara. I am not sure how well into the Lore of World of Warcraft you are, but she was the leader of the Night Elves till the War of the Ancients and the Sundering.
After her defeat at the hands of Malfurion Stormrage, and the Great Sundering that sent her and much of her Highborne into the sea. Thus becoming the Queen of the Naga; Empress of Nazjatar.
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Yea I know that I know alot of lore I just didn't know their and you should do a dwarf one some time you know like from earthen to dwarf
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It looks like a mural from an ancient Azerothian temple. Perhaps a doomsday prophecy? Those Ancients seem to know things that we dont.
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You know./..this map it's perfect :D and I've checked your others....specially that Zul'Gurub Picture...Crash of an Empire...that's just wonderful , really amazing...with the bosses of ZA and ZG togheder. can't waith the patch to get on my server too :D
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I think that's Queen Azhara, not Chutulu =P
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:iconpoutingplz: looks like Cthulhu
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Chutulu: [link]

Dunno how you manage that....
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Never seen Azhara before, that's how.
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