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the One who keeps secrets

The roots will heal in time,
  as will the entire world.
  The sacrifices have been made.
  Just as the orcs,
  humans and night elves discarded their old hatreds and stood united against a common foe,
  so did nature herself rise up to banish the shadow forever.
  As for me,
  I came back to ensure that there would be a future,
  to teach the world that it no longer needed guardians.
  The hope for future generations has always resided in mortal hands.
  And now that my task is done,
  I will take my place amongst the legends of the past.

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I really like Karazhan. Fun and the music is really fantasic.
Danluen's avatar
I would love to have this on the canvas in my room. Is there any way to buy one?
Ragnarok6664's avatar
I hope he is correct :) great work
Sigil0s0's avatar
Impressive, I just discovered your gallery and I'm loving it.
lucas449's avatar
that is so epic :D
marusu's avatar
Epic looking piece. The internets needs more Medivh art for sure.
fenrysk-art's avatar
beastly! love your fan art
Toermentor's avatar
Man You should be doing art for Blizzard
Zumia's avatar
Archivium's avatar
Amazing piece you have here, along with the rest of your gallery!
Illidan777's avatar
I hope this isn't the last we see of Medivh, because he is one freakin badass character.
TheSolx's avatar

I wanna do Kara now :D
Mirri's avatar
This is epic!
Very dramatic and impressive scene!
exocolumn's avatar
fenrysk-art's avatar
fantastic! i loved that scene at the end of WC3, and Karazhan was definitely one of the most entertaining raid dungeons
ElGota's avatar
StriderDen's avatar
Impressive details and atmosphere! Well done!
aquawolf1432's avatar
<3 one of my fav quotes, goes so well with the picture :D
Luthiian's avatar
Karazan was teh bestest! Amazing picture!
Cofie's avatar
Now, this is epic. Awesome work.
We-R-L3gi0n's avatar
God the third game was so. so. Epic.

Easily one of my favorite RTS series of all time. (Fun fact, the first PC game i ever played was the first Warcraft)
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