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talking with Tom Bombadi

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I smile at the lower primary image of Tom, seeming to be so menacing as he drags a hobbit by his leg. But sometimes rescues can seem harrowing at first.
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Dear Breath-art,

I would like to use this illustration in my personal blog, for a series of articles made as a guided reading to 'The Lord of the Rings'. I will have no economical benefit on this use, will not modify your work, and will credit it properly.

This is an example on a previous article:… Bombadil is about to appear :)

Thank you for your attention,


P.S. I am honoured to own one of your prints. The Argonath watch me sleep everyday :)
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your style is incredible! adore it
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i wish you did more Harry Potter ones! Like you did with the whole hobbit story. I'll bet you could make some amazing tarot cards as well.
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'And even in a mythical Age there must be some enigmas, as there always are. Tom Bombadil is one (intentionally).' 
The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, No 144, dated 1954
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i love tom bombadi!!! he's a wonderful ppl
if this were a print i'd weep with joy....
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I love you and hate you! Man you are too good, your work is just amazing
sell me this print PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!!!!
one freaky part of that book, love the art
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Print? please please please? <3
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The biggest mystery in all of his works, who/what IS Tom Bombadil?!  Your art is amazing, your depictions are wonderful!  I love how you are accurately creating the stories in image form, it's beautiful and inspiring.  I'm going to continue to stare at your gallery all day :)
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From what I could gather, it seems to me that him and Goldberry are Maiar. Beings that hold power close to the Valar.

Both Sauron and Gandalf are such being's. There are different level's of Maiar, upper and lower tier,s.
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I believe Tom is much more than that and a Maiar is not as powerful as he is.  Also, Tolkien really never explicitly says what he is but it seems strongly hinted that he may actually be the spirit of nature itself.

Tom uses the ability of song to defeat the very strong adversaries he encounters where Gandalf and the other wizards frequently resort to using their sword and staff in battle even against each other.  Given the fact that in the Silmarillion song is what creates everything, I think Tolkien having Tom use song as his power is a very important clue to his origins.

Another key point is that the ring has no power over Tom at all.  Not only does he not desire it, but he even goes so far as to put it on with no effect.  Gandalf, Sauran, and Saruman are all not only under the power of the ring but strongly desire it.  

Also, Tom really cannot be a Maiar strictly because of his age and comments about what he has seen on the planet and when he was there.
Tom says he was there before Morgoth, who is a Valar and higher than a Maiar both in creation time and power, and were the first to Middle Earth.  Even Gandalf himself states that Tom is from a "generation" older than his.  This in my opinion is the strongest evidence that Tom cannot be a Maiar.
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nice to see someone remember Bombadill!
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ho tom bombadill, tom bombadillo, 
through water wood and hill, tree and the willow
through fire sun and moon, harken now and hear us
ho tom bombadillo, for our need is near us
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Fear no nightly noises, in the House of Tom Bombadil.
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I like your style! Beautiful work :meow:
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So incredible!  I love how you are keeping the book and movie lore uniform.
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The only thing I can criticize here is that Tom's boots are the wrong color. Seriously though, this is marvelous. XD
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I can't get over how awesome your lotr fan art is. Although it's hard to pick, this just may be my favourite! Amazing job!
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Little insight: Tom Bombadil is actually a Demi-god! Yeah, I know right? This explains his resistance to the ring and how he's the master of the forest. Lady Goldberry is also a demi-god, as is Sauron, and even Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, and the two blue wizards.
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Not demi-gods. They are Maiar. Sub-gods.

These things:…)

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