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starwars VI:return of the Jedi

the cover art for chinese version StarWars novels series 
the 6th book:return of the jedi
will be published in 2016 Jan
now pre-order in…
ISBN: 9787302362104

starwars VI:return of the Jedi by breathing2004
 starwars IV:new hope by breathing2004
starwars V:the empire strike back by breathing2004
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hi, i want to buy this but the link it's not working, is there any other platform?

i want to buy: a new hope, the empire strikes back and this one.


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make the last jedi episode too please!
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Wow I absolutely love this. Should definitely be a mosaic somewhere!
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As one chapter ends a new one begins.
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This is a great series.
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Sir, this is extraordinary!
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Sith RULE the school!
Saskle's avatar
Awesome design! :clap:
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Loving this pictures, such a cool idea, like stain glass windows
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Woooow That's wonderful !!!
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This is so cool! Your style is a super interesting mashup of Art Nouveau and Genndy Tartakovsky's style. Not sure if that's what you were going for, but i think it's super cool and wildly appropriate for portraying the star wars universe. Awesome work! :D (Big Grin) 
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absolutely fantastic! mad props!
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it is amaznig ^^
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These all look amazing. Is there anyway to buy the books here in the States? Could be a fun way to practice reading Chinese.

Also any plans for Episode I, II, and III versions of these books?
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use the book No. you can buy from maybe
the episode I,II,III will soon in shop.I have finished all cover half years ago.
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Vader and Luke staring down is just so cool. I really love little details like how the lightsabers with the two are held.
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Fantastic. I almost can't believe that novels are fortunate enough to get artwork this wonderful. But it's great.
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Perfect finale!
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Amazing! Can you enable this to request as a print? I want to buy it please! 
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Super cool! This reminds me of the designs of the Mechanist's from Thief 2.
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This is amazing, I'm going to fave the others too!
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