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starwars V:the empire strike back

the cover art for chinese version StarWars novels series 
the 5th book:the empire strike back
will be published in 2016 Jan
now pre-order in…
ISBN: 9787302362104

starwars VI:return of the Jedi by breathing2004
 starwars IV:new hope by breathing2004
starwars V:the empire strike back by breathing2004
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these are incredible! great job!
Gobi-1's avatar
What a great series.
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Love this art style. They all look awesome. WOW! :)
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this will do a great stained glass piece!
kyomoncraft's avatar
It's a super wonderful work !!! Wow ! :-)
TomaszHepper's avatar
You're a genius, really.
Great work - how can I purchase those?
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Can you allow all three to be purchased as prints please?
Nortstar's avatar
it look so great ^^
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I really love the emotions on all the chars. It's really something to make a super stylized pictures show so much action!
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chaos-in-compounded's avatar
You are a true master of your craft! If i may ask, I was wondering if you had a facebook page? I've been wanting to show your work to many of my friends and family.
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Khabal-reaper-278's avatar
From the starting scene to the closing, it's all well done!
DarkStorm-7's avatar
MAsterpiece !!! The three ! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

Herr Llama Emperor This probe's for you! 
Ysydora's avatar
Awesome work!!Heart Love 
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