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solar system:earth

solar system:earth

solar system:Uranus by breath-art solar system:mercury by breath-art solar system:moon by breath-art solar system:earth by breath-art solar system:Neptune by breath-art
solar system:Mars by breath-art <da:thumb id="593289186"> <da:thumb id="595569383"> <da:thumb id="595730458"> <da:thumb id="596353181">
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Just bought a print! Awesome work

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I’ve actually been to this planet.

love your style! Imagine this series as wood inlay!

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Wow AMAZING imagery! :D
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Stunning, clever style! Wonderful! FUN!
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I really like how this is a stained glass but deals with modern themes of space travel and planets. I love all the astronauts around this as well as the space shuttle on the side seeking adventure in the unknown. The satellite is a nice touch as well as the lunar lander. I shall check out the others in this series.
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The human race has many homes now. In the solar system and beyond the human race is thriving, but we still pause to honor the world which gave us birth. 
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I never really liked when someone shows a globe with just the Americas, but the artstyle is great as always.
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amazing series of work here
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wow it look so cool :)
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Always beautiful. ^^
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Это охуительно!
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Beautiful Arda!! Heart Love 
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This belongs on the tiled floor of a huge outdoor mall or plaza, with everyone walking past it while on their phones or tablets,  forgetting about its beauty...then the setting sun streams across it, causing the tiled blue waters of Earth to light up and sparkle, and the helmets and atmosphere glint.

And suddenly, people remember how beautiful our world can be, if only they stopped to pay attention.
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thanks for such beautiful words.
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Hey, I've been there!
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you sunk the yucatan peninsula =(
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it is pixelated :giggle:
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This is so awesome
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This so beautiful.
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