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solar system:Jupiter

solar system:Jupiter

solar system:Uranus by breath-art solar system:mercury by breath-art solar system:moon by breath-art solar system:earth by breath-art solar system:Neptune by breath-art
solar system:Mars by breath-art <da:thumb id="593289186"> <da:thumb id="595569383"> <da:thumb id="595730458"> <da:thumb id="596353181">
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Yes Júpiter my favorite planet in the solar system

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Love the colors. 
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Simply lovely...O_o 
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it look so pretty :)
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wonderful composition, but i'm not sure about the astronauts on corners.
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This planet series is astounding.
I am in awe !
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Oo, I LOVE this one!
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Great work, as a Sagittarius myself I was waiting for this one after I put two and two together to figure out you were making a series.
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This looks lovely!
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Love the detail and the style!!
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The colours and patterns are phenomenal! Beautiful work! :clap:
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When you make the one for Saturn, don't forget the polar lightning storms! :)
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