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queen of abyss

another artwork about the Azshara the elf queen,
the form was cursed by older gods and turn her into a Naga.
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Hello ,i just wanted to telling you that one person with a profil name AbyssQueen on youtube use your painting as a profil pic and the sad part is that this person put bad comment everywhere and i was feel to tell you that because is sad to see people that not have any respect for the work of other ..kind regards 
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being turned into can be seen as being cursed by the old gods. Regular people wouldnt see a boon from the old gods as anything but a Curse.

Which is ironic, since the old gods are responsible for everyone being made of flesh due to the "curse of the flesh" places on the titan constructs that almost everyone originated from on azeroth (except the insect races and trolls)
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Turned into a naga: yes
Cursed by the old gods: no.

What happened was that when her plan to help the evil titan Sargeras, lord of the Burning Legion was foiled by Malfurion, Tyrannde, and Illidan, the portal she was creating for the titan within the Well of Eternity, shattered with such great force, it nearly tore all of Azeroth asunder. As her land, her followers, and she sunk into the briny depths, she prayed to the Old Gods for salvation. In return, they granted her and her people a form in which they could survive the depths. Alas, they became the naga.

This was known as the great sundering. The maelstrom in the sea was where the Well of Eternity stood. And the only land that was left were the two continents of The Eastern Kingdoms, and Kalimdor.
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Todos ya saben eso, deja de alardear, fool.
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azshara<3 brilliant!!! <3
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thats how i imagined her <3<3 awesome work!
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Very beautiful piece!
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Excellent wallpaper! <3
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Wow, looks amazingly good! blizz should use this as her model :D
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amazing work, looks better then some official wallpapers!
Beautiful, drop-DEAD beautiful
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Great work, I luv it! :D
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Her story is amazing, and this artwork is more amazing =D
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Wow, fantastic and epic :V
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Oh my god, if they put Azshara in a Cata patch (WHICH THEY BETTER) They should go off of this. This is just unbeliveable, amazing, and just, amazing.
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hell no Azshara deserves her own Expansion!

She does appear in Cata though.
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True, true... It should be: Conquest of Azshara. Like how Outland had it's own thing, with Illidan, the Maelstrom should be the new outland, and instead of Kil'jaeden, or Illidan I guess, it would be Azshara.
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Exactly! expect for the fact that the Maelstorm is already appearing in Cata (I have no idea why though but iv seen the model or zone or whatever you want to call it) and no im not in Alpha in case your wondering after that.

all the stuff under the Maelstorm is still fair game for an expansion though.
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Yeah, there's still A LOT of stuff in the Maelstrom. Nazjatar, the Makura place, all that.
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YES and you could have uhh Tel'abim, Zandalar and Plunder Isle be above sea level new zones and you could visit what's left of Kezan after Cata.
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