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painting dragon


waiting for the painting merge into the real dragon,to clean the evil and rebuild the new age~~~

from a famous chinese cartoon movie <the amazing brush of Maliang>.the boy has a magic brush which can make everything he painted into real and he use it to protect has froends and drived away the bad guys.

and this painting is for the chinese spring fesitval of Dragon Year.
and happy chinese new year to you all~~~
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i am a big Wuxia Xainxia fan so of course this would catch my eye.Very well done love the colours.
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The "Wuxia" is "武侠" and the "Xianxia" is "仙侠".
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Woah! Amazing! Saving up to buy this, if my mom lets me! Probably gonna try to use points instead of actual money.. >.>
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As soon as l saw this l finally decided to buy my first print! Totally worth it!!! 
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I will be buying this to hang on my 
wall at work if I had money 

for now I shall only dream 
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Reminds me of that book, 'The Magic Paintbrush' :3
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the user e-rewardartist stole this work from you and posted it as their own.
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Reminds me of sai. Wuv the loose feel
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"畫龍"  :")
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Love this painting, the colors and vibrancy are amazing. 
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this reminds me of 畫龍點睛, it nicely illustrates how the dragon comes to life from the paper
Awesome work 
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