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map of outland

do you remember this planet?this broken world once beautiful and rich,but when the ill green rain fell down, everything has changed.but we have the holy light now .after so many years suffering.
the map of outland when we play the game WoW.
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i look forward to your eventual Map of Draenor! once we get to run around in there!
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Pretty pretty pretty! I love the colors in your work. Great job!
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This is just lovely.
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Awesome job! Outland is an amazing place. :)
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Took me a while to gather all the marbles.
Nice one.
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thank you for making this:) the memoires ;.;
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Amazing artwork all your missing is the brutal cold of Northrend
MaxxGuyy's avatar
Wow. All I can say. Amazing work
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can i just have a stain glass window of this ??? like 10 meters by 20 meters or something ??? that would be awesome ^^
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How can I get access to the 5500x7500 image size? Really want to print this out.
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Wow! Wonderful job! :clap:
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A truly brilliant piece!
Alynsianox's avatar
Respect! Your style is so amazing! :squee:
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Oh my god!!! This is the coolest thing! Outland is hands down my favorite place. Argh look at that little Illidan!!! Aahh!
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it is so awsome :)
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Simply stunning. :)
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It's so fantastic!
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So cool! I love Nagrand. :D
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