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This is still sublime and emotional, and gorgeously painted.
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Heres another you might like :iconpearlrange:
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I love this picture as well as I love the song.

IF you look at the Passing of the Elves during the third age (the maintime of LotR-Books) AND know about their history - then the passing becomes a good and a sad thing equally.
The good is:
The High-Elven can finally go home to Valinor, after they lived, suffered and lasted finally in Middle-Earth.
Sad is, that all those, who stay - Arwen for example - only can dwell through the lost and dead towns and places of the elves.
Be it the formerly golden woods of Lorien which lost all their mystic or Rivendell which is no longer the last homly home or mirkwood without the bright of the forestelves.
And in the end the Elves face the same fate as did the One Ring:
"History became Legend. Legend became myth. And things, that should never be forgotten were forgotten."

AND - to go back to the painting - it catches the Moment where Frodo and Sam meet the Elves who wander through the Shire to go to ... Was it Mithlond?.... in any case the Grey Havens. Devotional but not in sorrow they walk. I really love it ^^"
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What is this art style!? It's breath taking!
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Beautiful! I love your color choice!
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so when u want to sell ur book, u call this “不涉及任何文学作品”(not involve any literary work)?
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Beautiful. The composition is very striking and, while I like all your art, I think the pieces with the simpler colour work the best.
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Gorgeous.  Nuff' said.
incredible! instantly watch
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this could make a awesome glass in lead window OuO
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Well done, it is an excellent stylized depiction of Haldir's wandering company in their pleasantly mysterious manner.
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Beautiful :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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it is really great ^^ good work :clap:
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This is by far one of my favorite depictions of Tolkien's elves.
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So beautiful! Really breathtaking. It's different that your other Lord of the Rings pieces, and the different composition really emphasises the procession into the west! Wow, this is so incredible...
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This is GORGEOUS. It's like your usual stained-glass style mixed with a woodblock print.
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Is there a special name for that kind of umbrella? 
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Love all the "S" curves. 
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Marvelous. It's very ethereal. The ground almost looks like calm water (which was probably the intent).
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Everything you create makes me want to seriously weep! :rose:
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