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fate of the ring

forge, lost and found
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where I can buy you lotr work :O?
astrafair's avatar
stunning and nice
Masjid-e-Tulsi's avatar
You should have also included what happened next and how Gollum found it and how it went from him to Bilbo and then how it got destroyed  and all that happened in between 
TheARBL's avatar
I like the layout of this piece.
heidinanookie's avatar
I LOVE Gollum here!
Wasterbull's avatar
I like this style and remind me The legend of Zelda :D
AnotherStranger-Me's avatar
It is magnificent! Great work! 
breathtakingly beautiful.....<3
NdumeHodari016's avatar
Wow, the colors and design are gorgeous. Nice work.
Nortstar's avatar
it is so awosme ;)
lostpapers's avatar
Really splendid and so on point. I love how your pinpoint and arrange all those moments
TsukiLife's avatar
Wow very beautiful draw.
TheBoyWhoCriedPanda's avatar
sowerofash's avatar
I didn't know the ring was forged by a tree-trunk!
Kadaj06's avatar
Can you enable this to be bought as a print? I love this, so beautiful 
JonFreeman's avatar
i really need to study these glass paintings  of yours.  You're able to cram so much story into these its amazing.  =)
elphieofkiamoko's avatar
My goodness!
I'm a relatively new follower, and I admittedly followed for the Lord of the Rings stained glass pieces after seeing them on tumblr, but this might be my favorite one yet! It so clearly tells a story, and the story is easy to follow and so well-done! :D
ErelasInglor's avatar
I would love to have this in actual stain-glass, wish Tolkien could see this.
imhilien's avatar
Lovely... it has a great 'movie poster' feel to it. :)
Amaniwolf's avatar
Beautifully done!
Kazuma27's avatar
Another masterpiece!
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