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fate of Beren and Luthien

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Beautiful. I think Tolkien himself would have liked this.
I would love to get a print of this.
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The framing Ouroboros aspects of this triptych gives clue to the deeping meaning of this tale in regards to the LotR overstory.
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So beautiful and incredibly detailed art :) I would like to see these artworks as actual covers for Tolkien's works :)
I love this piece. Can you please make it available as an art print?
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Absolutely incredible work. A masterpiece. What an artist you are!
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The Tale of Beren and Luthien is hands down my favorite story in The Silmarillion. This painting really dose the story justice tenfold. Love this art work style. It really invokes this mythical and fairy tale feel of the story.
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It's so beautiful.
You know, when Tolkien created the work, his wife Edith was the inspiration for Luthien, particularly in the meeting between the man and elf. The couple were walking into the woods when Tolkein was on medical leave during WWI, and when she danced for him in a hemlock-filled grove, that was the creation that would start the world and stories of Middle-earth. When she died, he had "Luthien" engraved under her name. When Tolkein died two years later, he was buried next to her, and the name "Beren" was engraved under his name, so Beren would forever be reunited with his beloved Luthien.
That, right there, is true love.
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Greetings, beautiful illustration :D I just used your image for an entry about the upcoming book. It's here:… (we're a Mexico-based illustration magazine and I edit the Geeks section), I hope you don't mind, please let me know if it's otherwise. Credit is specified.
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that's ok. thanks for mind me.
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...and then you make these beauties that I want to hang in my window...or have a whole sliding glass door of it (with all my pretend money). Thank you again for sharing your work. it's awesome
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I wish my playing cards were illustrated like that.
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Brilliant design ;)
you know, on J.R.R. Tokien's tombstone it says Beren, and on his wife's tombstone it reads Luthien, which I think is incredibly romantic and moving
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That, right there, is true love.
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Please make this available as a print! It's so beautiful.
Can you make this available as a print? I'd buy it in an instant! This is beautiful work
Once again, incredible work from you. Thank you so much for sharing these with the world. 

FYI, I have used this in a post on "Of Beren and Lúthien":…

Let me know if that's an issue! Thanks again.
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This is awesome! One of the best Silmarillion related illustrations I have seen!
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This is beautiful beyond imagination :O
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Ugh, I'd love to see this as a print! :D
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