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fallen Ulduar

By breath-art
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a new fanart for WoW
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They're huge!  I bet they have huge guts!
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^The funny thing is: after Chronicles, this is pretty much what it looked like when they captured Yogg'Saron
Amazing art btw
CarmenChristina's avatar
This is jawdropping, really really fabulous!! 
Levghast's avatar
Very well done ! :)
I like how the fight look so brutal and primitive even thought they are gods
Cybellex's avatar
Where is Mimiron?!
GimmieCookie's avatar
There should be a Time-Lost Proto Drake flying somewhere near! ^^
rakshaza-art's avatar
This is the most amazing painting I have ever seen. Ulduar is my favorite raid, thank you for the great work :heart:
Feelingbluboy's avatar
I wish those watchers helped during Cataclysm....
Arkiel-Pixie's avatar
Love the touch of the tiny explorer staring at it all.
Pisu7's avatar
wow another epic picture!
is that Brann there? :3
raimundogiffuni's avatar
qfzpjm159's avatar
I love this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, Ulduar is a good raid. I love them. :D
Mangoflippy's avatar
WOW! im speechless!
LordManda2's avatar
Mimiron could not attend: he was too busy building a giant robot with the voice/mind of a little kid for teh lulz (XT-Deconscructor). By the time he got back, it was too late :D
friendofpie's avatar
surprised no ones said it yet but this is epic..... In the Mountains.
NjaSo's avatar
Hahaha In the mouuuuntainnns...yes XD hhahahaha,epic indeed XD
Since it was put on WoW fan art been looking on Deviant art forever for it finally great pieace
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rebellion991's avatar
Blinded by pure Awesomeness ! And that bright light : is Algalon coming ?
Gennadius's avatar
Amazing just started doing Ulduar and I love it so far
(btw favorited)
I bet that little dwarf over there is ol' Brann. ^_^
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