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fall of Y'Shaarj

as the battle between the titan-forged and the Black Empire waged across primordial Azeroth, the Pantheon became concerned that their forces might be overwhelmed by Y'Shaarj. Aman'Thul himself intervened, grasping Y'Shaarj's body and tearing it from the surface of Azeroth. Although this killed the old god by tearing its body apart, Y'Shaarj's tentacles had bored deeply into the crust of Azeroth. This inflicted wounds upon Azeroth itself, causing arcane energy and the lifeblood of Azeroth to flow out across the world. This irreversible damage was not enough to destroy Azeroth, but it became apparent the remaining Old Gods could not be killed in the same fashion, as the resulting wounds would destroy the world.
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I love your illustration!

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This historic moment is depicted so beautifully
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This is a wonderful painting.  Is the text from a legend or myth or is this something you wrote yourself?!
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I am not familiar with that.  Is it a poem or a story from mythos?!
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The characters and story are from World of Warcraft.
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I've heard of World of Warcraft and I get it mixed up with Warhammer.  I play the classic games from the 80's but I see the commercials for some of the newer games.  Thank you for the links.
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Y'shaarj: worst. day. of my life.

LoL!  More like LAST day of his life.  Y'Shaarj's heart was the only part of him to survive the Highfather's actions and even that ceased to exist following the Siege of Orgrimmar.
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The pose work for this one is brilliant
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it look realy great ^^
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Omg I live this! What an amazing style! 🤩♥️
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