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end of Hurin

end of Hurin
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estos trabajo o obras estan muy bien realizados. me Agradan, de verdad son muy buenos!!! tu trabajo es excelente :)
These work or works are very well done. I like them, I sincerely like them. Your work is excellent !!! Very good images :)

Beautiful, and keenly reminiscent of the most heartbreaking tale of Tolkien's universe
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Have you thought of having these done by Fracture - - ? 
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Nicely done and bittersweet...
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I don´t recognize some of these events, are some of them taken from the Lost Tales of Middle Earth?
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Simply amazing work!
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breathing2004 These are unique? No prints?
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Spetacular 1000x
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Man, one day, I want to see these done in actual glass. They would be  absolutely awesome.
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it is really great ^^ you did fantastic work :clap:
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From now on, I want it to be you that designs each stained glass window in the world! And on second thought, I wish DA sold glass-like prints. This would be awesome as one.
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Morgoth was way better at being evil than Sauron. The way he just lets Hurin go after making him watch all that happened to his kids is just plain twisted.
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This is breathtaking and actually more true to Tolkien's narrative than the published Silmarillion (where Asgon and Brethil and the curse on the gold were omitted). Thank you!
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Really well done, his was always such a tragic tale.
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