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chaos of blizzard heroes

By breath-art
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a work done for 2012 BWC in shanghai.
with many heroes from the game of starcraft and WoW world,it is a gathing party of blizzard fans
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Heroes of the Storm before heroes of the storm. Such a great idea.
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I don't want to assume, but is that Tassadar in the top center? It looks much like the pose he took when he sacrificed himself in SC1.
ayumi-gl's avatar
Awesome. Great work!
constantie's avatar
A stunning piece.
FiestaFacelift's avatar
I love your work, and I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think "heroes" is quite the correct term for characters like Arthas and Illidan.
Ke11en's avatar
oh yeah!
Terra is SO awesome...
wunleebuxton's avatar
No Diablo :<, it's still nice :).
Zazu75's avatar
okay wow this is so amazing. it's just. woooow. > w<
mar16cris's avatar
needs more Diablo
sad6549775's avatar
damn this is pretty cool...would be a great window glass thingy...
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Blizzard All Stars!
HanOneSail's avatar
only thing missing is a murloc
GLAD0Sisaspy's avatar
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Amazing design! :D .... only one question -- who is in the back? I mean is just a random Archon or is he some kind of hero or something?
Tanatoseczek's avatar
This. Is. Awesome.
CindysArt's avatar
Wonderful work! :clap:
flutist's avatar
I'm still looking for hidden Zerg.. :p
xxdhxx's avatar
13vamps's avatar
love the complexity of the work
fenrysk-art's avatar
I always enjoy your stained glass illustrations! always so good!
DamienMuerte's avatar
Illidan!! *squeal* ^__^
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This is spectacular! The only thing I would've changed personally would be to have Tyrael in the back. Really though, this is amazing.
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it is amaznig ^^
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