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birthday party of Baggins

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Posting here for this entire series.
These continue to simply dazzle in their layout and composition. 
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I LOVE your art. And I like the liveliness captured in this one, which is one of my favorite scenes in LotR.
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I love Merry and Pippin on the sides, with the fireworks. :)
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So beautiful. Loved them all and how you told the whole story through pictures like on a glass window. :)
sell me this print PLEASE!!!!
I see the killer bunny!!
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Your stuff is sooooo well put together!!!! I am seriously, seriously impressed
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I think your gallery is the most inspirational and "make you happy to look at"-gallery i have ever seen. This is just amazing. Thx for sharing with the rest of the world.
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This artwork captures everything about Bilbo's party. The dragon look marvelous and I love how you have Merry and Pippin on either side with Gandalf's fireworks :D
Again... the colours are just so eye-catching and awesome! Really suits the childlike essence and cheerful atmosphere in this part of the story!
Wonderful work again
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Hi there! I just wanted to let you know your piece has been featured here: [link]

Keep up the beautiful work!
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Waou this is just amazing !! I love them all. This is just great.
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This is absolutely fantastic! All of them are just breathtaking!!! Amazing! Beautiful!!
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Wonderful and amazing!!
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this is brilliantly amazing!
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These are all soooo amazing!
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i love gandalf in this one!!
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Was there a dwarf present at the birthday party of Bilbo Baggins?
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SO cool!
And the dragon! jaja
I'll probably buy this one... but then, what about the other ones?... why do you want to leave me broke? <_<. lol
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I will wake up smiling if this were my window.
Amazing you've managed to capture so much of the story in a single image. They look like stained glass windows, like the kind you see in the opening sequence of Walt Disney's Beauty and the beast. These aren't just pretty pictures they tell a story.
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