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a long long adventure with hobbit

By breath-art
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I just want to let you know that I have purchased this lovely piece years ago and had a frame made special for it. It is hanging on my wall and it is just perfect. Your art is beautiful.

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Is there a way to download this? It is really beautiful. Is it a payment material?

Thank you!

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z00rekaProfessional General Artist
Love these photo tales and in this format... Usually much wider....

Nicely did!

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Wow! Just wow! A truly epic tapestry worthy of Tolkien!
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enohocHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is just absolutely fantastic!
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AlexanderSteenhorstHobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh nicely done!

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FrancescaROTGHobbyist General Artist
Cool! I can see a Kingsom Hearts 4 hobbit based! 
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LunarLilacProfessional Digital Artist
This is so awesome, as someone who has watched all of the lord of the rings including the newer hobbit movies multiple times, I absolutely love this image! This would be a wonderful painting to add to our wall someday, I'm sure my partner would be very happy as he loves the lotr series.
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AleksmaanHobbyist Writer
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enohocHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Love this art, and how the spiral follows the story. Beautiful and clever.
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Really amazing artwork. Nice to see cool LOTR/Hobbit art on here.
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RandomFoxFanHobbyist Artist
Beautiful work and the colors and shapes all work really well  
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MoostarGazerProfessional Filmographer
this is pure Genius!
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SantanaCaviedesProfessional Digital Artist
So cool! now i dont need to rewatch the movies nor read the book
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JackElNewmanHobbyist Writer
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Willfire-Z-TigerHobbyist General Artist
Looks amazing!
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I am blown away by your work. All of it is so good.
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akira-17Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your art is breathtakingly gorgeous
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this is so gorgeous!!!! May i make a cross stitch pattern of this, not for profit but to share with my group for free. You would get full credit for your artwork :)
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Здравствуйте! Потрясающая работа. Очень хочу вышить крестиком работу по этой иллюстрации. Дайте, пожалуйста, разрешение для разработки схемы. 
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xenbisProfessional General Artist
Ну так Вы, Женя, ответа будете ждать скорее всего до китайской Пасхи :) Русский язык  - не язык межнационального общения. Автор - китаец, но явно свободно владеет английским. Обращайтесь к нему по-английски. И лучше в личку, а не в комменты, не все авторы читают/отвечают на комменты, особенно к старым работам.
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