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The Ring

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Incredible piece of artwork, but why only eight men? ... Walts

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I came across this piece offered as a shirt in a Facebook ad. Art theft?…
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i like the eye, and i like very much ur style of art. 
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It is with no delight and indeed with trepidation that I must inform I can only count eight lords of Men in this tremendous piece...

I believe the Witch King is the circular object which placed near them. He is the one whose origins is unclear..

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I believe the Witch King may be absent, perhaps that is why.
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Absolute great percet work :nod:
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AMAZING work! Why isn't this one availabe as print purchase?
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This is just awesome!  Love the style, sort of Art Nouveau but not quite.  I love this style and would love to collaborate with you on a project I am working on.  I posted it in Projects if you wanted to take a look.  Either way, just some AWESOME work here.
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i've spent the past hour trying to find them all halp
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Flippin amazing! 
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 Most lovely work, conveying a particularly strong passage of drama.:) (Smile) 
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And so three rings were given to the Elves, who were cookie makers led by Will Ferrell. (Pictures of the Keebler Tree and Will Ferrell as Buddy from Elf are shown.) Seven to the Dwarves who are best known for their harmonizing. (A clip of the Seven Dwarves from Snow White are shown. Next are the Nine Humans.) And the rest were given to…I don't know, there's no easy answer. But there's a wizard (Gandalf) who works at Hogwarts and a little person (Frodo) who lives with the Lannisters. (Frodo is added into a scene involving Cersei, Joffrey and Tywin.)

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
Bloody brilliant...
Amazing !! Une image mangifique une idée splendide
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it looks like Gandalf has a ring i didn't know about that. looks amazing.
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I wonder why that was not mentioned.
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"Only you can accomplish such art, Celebrimbor." - Annatar

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Really good, I love Lotr, and this is a really good illustration of the poem about the rings of power. :)
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