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Mist of Pandaria

the poster for fanart book of <Mist of Pandaria>.
the book will be luanched before the Game <MoP>,it shows the incredibiable imagination from the top chinese artists who love the world of warcraft.
the call for entries in now beginning.
hope every chinese artist join~~

here is the series I have done:

abd some more about LOTR in same style~~
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Wait this was available as a print yesterday and now it's not?! But I was just about to buy it! :((((
If it's not available as a canvas print anymore please can I buy a high-res download from you?
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I received the print reject mail too.
it seems the art can not be printed for it is a fanart.
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Oh wow. I only came by your work just now. I'm loving this.
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You should try do your own ancestors time line (family tree) like this, that is  pretty much what im doing but not as good as this
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As I have said before, the style is just amazing!! The colors are lovely, if you don't mind me to say this, but you kind of forgot the Sha, they are also a very important thing of Pandaria's story n.n
Sylvannas actually never showed face on Pandaria :( sucks because having undead in Pandaria and actually having it be acknowledged would've made for some great controversy :P
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lol funny because we havent even seen sylvannas this expansion. good work tho
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Awww, no Jinyu? Still love it though.
Love the WoW Themed Pics you have done, this being my most favorite.
You are truly talented :)
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Dear Author of this lovely piece of artwork, it's made with a great skill, everything almost looks perfect. There is only one things that bugs me here- why there is Sylvanas in this pictures? Shoudn't be there Baine as the one who sent troops on Pandaria? As far as I am concerned Sylvanas had no role yet in Mists of Pandaria.

I'd be very grateful for answer.
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Makes me seriously wish I could still play WoW.
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i really like this style is it cel-shading? I would love to see some of these as a stained glass window that would be awesome
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This is a killer style of art.
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just some amazing pictures, you really have a talent for this.
wow gold
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may i ask what kinds of the painting style?
it's so nice
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I love all the small elements and detail. The more you look at it the more you see.
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Shen-Zin Su has to be my favorite part of this piece but everything just kicks so much ass. @_@
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