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May I know how I can purchase a hi res version of this image? Please email me at

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Dud3, I LOVE how you draw f.e. sauron or here the witch king. They look less like there acutally humanoid form and more like an evil cloud or cape with head and hands witch works fantasical with your curve-heavy artstyle. Hell, one some pictures they look less like a singel enemy and more like the entire Background, making them more intimenating.
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This is lovely and full of strength :)
silversnie's avatar
My only complain is Eowyns boob plate. I doubt her disguise as Dernhelm would have been successful if she had worn this.
Ictonyx's avatar
This is phenomenal. The warg and Eowyn are my favourite parts. I don'n normally go for such stylised illustrations but I have never seen Eowyn's character in that moment portrayed so perfectly.
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I really really really love your artwork!
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stunning details
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DUH DUH DAH DAH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUUUUUHUhH! … My attempt at typing the Fellowship theme… Love the warg...
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brilliant! do you sell prints?
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OKAY! I GIVE UP! I can't favourite your whole gallery! Or can i...?
can I use this as a tattoo? this is beautiful work.
I always loved that scene. And the stained-glass window effect you've got here is wonderful. Keep up the good work.
heidinanookie's avatar
Gorgeous! Very powerful!
steamey's avatar
Great series of drawings! I like what you find new images for known characters, draw them differently than most.
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Absolutely mindblowing. :heart:
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This is one of my favourite part in the book (and also in the movie)! Your work on this is very great! I like how you did Eowyn facing the Witch-King!
shahirei's avatar
Absolutely incredible! I love all the minute details!!
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my favourite part of the whole movie! Good job capturing all the important elements of this scene and what is happening in the background. :clap:
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Wow, these are all gorgeous!
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This is my favorite scene from both the movies and the books. Thank you for doing it justice! All of your LOTR work is very inspiring! :D
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