Gates of Argonath
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Gates of Argonath is the gate of kingdom Gondor, the fellowship of the ring divided into two groups and lost Boromir in the battle with hands of wihte wizard.
the fate of ring only on the little hobbit.

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It's beautiful 
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RussellMichelich|Professional Digital Artist
Whoaa this is too cool I think I've fainted. 
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Noriija|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! I´m so in love with this <3
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You seem to know quite a bit about Tolkien's work, yet when you paint LotR themes you allow the movies to influence your art. The Argonath is Isildur and Anárion as per the books. Not Isildur and his father Elendil (movies).

The description is quite clear:

 "Upon great pedestals founded in the deep waters stood two kings of stone: stilled with browed eyes and crannied brows they frowned upon the north. The left hand of each was raised palm outwards in a gesture of warning; in each right hand there was an axe; upon each head there was a crumbling helm and crown."

Plus I note in a lot of your work you use the laser beam disembodied movie eye for Sauron. I always thought that was the stupidest thing in the movies.

Love your work and it would be even better if you stuck to the original as you do in your other Tolkien works.
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ZanarNaryon|Hobbyist General Artist
One of the best done effects in the movie
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Timber92|Professional General Artist
Any chance you'll ever get prints made of this? I would be the first to buy one!
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you can buy prints through this page near the top on the right(on a desktop that is). I got one of another image they did and it turned out awesome.
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very beautiful!!! why dont u make one only on boromir death? :)
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Cyrilcynder|Hobbyist General Artist
Would you possibly sell the download of this file instead of buying a print on canvas? We'd like to get a fracture of it,  but you only have it available as canvas prints and the regular stuff.  Message me back when you have the time. Thanks :3
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Have any of these been made into stained glass windows?  
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LostGryphin|Hobbyist Photographer
you are an amazing storyteller!
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ionmedia|Professional General Artist
You do so perfect work, I have been sitting here totally forgetting to drink my coffee. Now I suspect its getting cold :D I love your work!!
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innocent-rebel|Student General Artist
This is absolutely beautiful work and I love the details and the storytelling present. I work at a frame store and recently I had someone come in with this print to get it framed. I thought I'd pass that on and let you know how much they loved it, and how wonderful it was to see this in person. This is brilliant work.
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KreepingSpawn|Professional Digital Artist
Have you published an illustrated edition?  ;p
Do want!
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HeroLoverFoolVillain|Hobbyist Digital Artist

great scale, boromir... impressive ^^
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Ricvictor|Hobbyist Writer
They're taking the hobbits to Eisengard!
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I would like to advertise all of your Lord Of The Rings work here:

Is that ok?
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oh, that's awesome!
you are God himself!!
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Amazing work.
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aryundomiel|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, I'm fascinated by all your LOTR fanart,but this one is my favourite. I love the scene described in the book and in the movie too!
<3 Argonath!!
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KMO27|Student General Artist
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Holy shat!! These are all AWESOME!!!!! "I'm getting One!!"
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