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Cthulhu mythos IV

cover for Cthulhu myth IV
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Hello! Your beautiful work has been featured here: AtmosphericArt: vol.2

Have a great day! :heart:
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Wow this is breathtaking :heart:
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At least it's not Fate of Cthulu by that racist piece of crap who threw a tantrum on twitter.
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That's the first time I've hear of it, could you tell me the story?
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Steven Blackmoore is an author on a crowdfunded game called, "Fate of Cthulhu," which is based on Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythology. Since Lovecraft was "a product of his times" as they say, Blackmoore wanted to address the racism in Lovecraft's work because he "couldn't in good conscience ignore it."

That's all well and good, but most people would prefer games & stories like that go straight for escapism rather than drawing attention to the dated parts of the original work and lecturing the reader about it.

Biggest problem is every tweet that followed, in which he acted like an angry teenager: calling every critic a racist, implying that every critic of his stupid content was white (some were black & hispanic), telling them all to fuck off. Here are some quotes:

Oh, snowflake, if I want to tell you to fuck off I will tell you to FUCK OFF. Happily. Repeatedly. With a bullhorn.

In fact fuck off and continue to fuck off. Fuck off until there is no off to fuck. Exhaust your fucks with their offness. Fuck the hell off far and wide. Fuck off in a plane, on a train. Fuck off on a wild palomino racing across the American desert in search of fucks to off

Not as mature as he could've been. I'm no gamer, but I will never touch a damn thing with his name on it. The general consensus was: nobody likes racism, but if this is how Lovecraft's content makes him behave, he shouldn't be making money off of it.
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This is incredibly rude. I don't know what the other guy did to provoke him, but this is no way to talk to a potential customer. Or another human being, really.
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It seems to be how people behave these days. They feel safe hiding behind a computer screen, they completely lost their minds when Trump was elected, and they've lived in such a safe, supportive world that they never learned what the consequences are for anything. All you gotta do to set them off is disagree with them, especially if it's something that conflicts with their politics.
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wasn't lovecraft drop your jaw racist even for his time? i do not excuse his racism. racism its just as unacceptable even if it was hovercraft. i mean that might be the reason why his "aliens" are well actually alien. i'm being pretentious sorry. he mellowed out as he got older. again sorry.

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Many authors did have extremely dated perceptions of people that slipped into their books. It's sad, but what can you do? Well, one thing you don't do is scream and cuss at your customers, telling them to "F--K OFF, and KEEP F--KING OFF." Not if you're trying to make money based on that author's work. If you hate the author that much, you shouldn't be participating in the project in the first place.
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very true

but he was strangely selective. his wife was jewish. also not all his friends were "white".

i do have one gripe though. it was that after he dead i am not sure the mythos went the way he intended it to.

like the family tree that was suppose to be a joke from what i heard; they didn't get it.

anyway, i have lowself esteem so i have ot flex my brain muscles from time to time. j/k

but yeah the guy sounds like a f**k nut.

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Looks awesome! ^^
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Ooh, good story

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The Color Out of Space, just in time for the Nicholas Cage movie's release? :V
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yes ,that's it
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wow it look amaznig ^^
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beautiful and spooky
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This must be the one with the evil light spectrum.
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