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Let's just say that I am pretty excited about this weekend. Tattoo and Beard competitions. Wenches and Pirates, and every other kind of characters everywhere. Yes please.
Part of me wonders if the only reason I make friends where ever I go, is so I can call dibs at being their wedding photographer when they get married.
Every New Years, since I've graduated High School, have been so drastically different. This year is no exception. I can't wait to see what the year brings. I've about to purchase an upgraded camera, and I've got some things that I'll be able to do that I'm pretty excited about. So yeah. It's gonna be good.
New Adventures. ANDGO!
It's been so long that I've been a member here that when I often randomly look through the galleries, I see a picture I enjoy, go to favorite it, I realize I already have.
I've accidentally became a hipster.
Figuring out when exactly I lost nearly all motivation is troublesome.
It's all about the flow, baby.
Life is glorious. I feel like, I NEED to do something to express this. Everyone that is sad, needs to have a piece of this feeling. I would hug every person that asked if I could, but that simply is not plausible. So instead, I must create something, that anyone can look at and feel a fraction of what I feel. I must share this love. This love for everything.
I miss you all. Sorry. Busy life sucks.
Oh suck. This month has not been good. Lots of repairs and such. Now we owe some people some money that helped us out this month. And I still have to find a way to buy a car before winter gets here.
Things are back on track though? I suppose. Still some things to work out. But, they are getting there. Everything will be alright.
I think I'll go to Florida.
Start life anew.
Forget everything I hate right now.
Why Florida? I'd have a place to stay. That's the only reason.
I need to get away.
I'll sell the rings.
And everything else we bought together.
And then I'll go away.
One day, I'll come back, and maybe I can be happy again.
Or maybe I'll find happiness while I'm away, and never look back at this life that was once so perfect.
The life that made me who I am.
The life that showed me I could be loved. That I'm worth something.
The only thing holding me back, are the people I love that I'd be leaving.
I may have lost the person that meant the most to me, but I still have everyone else.
And I don't think I can give everything up.
So once again, my laptop messes up. Something is up with the power cord or supply or something. Eitehr way, my laptop won't take power, so it no longer turns on. WHY DOES THIS AlWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?! :( It happens out of nowhere, so I never have a chance to save all my pictures. My precious pictures. I'm very upset.
On a plus side...
less than 4 months til I'm married.
And I just got a second job!
I bought my wedding dress today! :) I love it. It's perfect. I went in a different direction then I originally thought I wanted, but it's just perfect for an outdoor wedding, and it was CHEAP! which rocks. Plus the one I tried on at the place fit me nearly perfectly, so they let me have that exact one for 20% off. Win.
We also got all the brides maid dresses.
Now they guys just have to get their tuxes.
I'm attempting to make bread. I have never done it before. I hope it turns out well.

5 more months!

Invitations are underway. Jake and his bestfriend are off to pick out their tuxes sometime this week.
I'm going dress shopping with way to many people in a couple weeks.
We still havn't figured out food yet =/ But that shouldnt take too long, as we are not going with a caterer, we are just having family cook or us, because they love us! xD

I can't wait!
So only 7 more months until the wedding. We are doing wonderfully. I'm designing the invitations and having a blast with them. Work consumes me though, so I don't have much time. And all my extra time is mostly spent cleaning, socializing, sleeping, and playing World of Warcraft. Yeah, yeah, I know. But Jake says he won't go try on tuxes until I'm level 70, so I gotta go what I gotta do! haha, I'm level 51 already, so it will be accomplished.
I've been neglecting you all.
I am sorry.
I've just been busy I guess.
But I've started to get that feeling back in me.
The feeling to capture the moment.
So, expect something soon.
I hope.
October 23rd, 2010
Plum and lime green
aaand...that is all we have figured out all ready, lol
I have a ring on my finger. A pretty diamond one. :D