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Kindred Fan Art

I know I've done a lot of fan arts so far of Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
But I really wanted to do a greater piece of them while giving it more of the mystic and dooming vibe that they have.
Thank you so much for looking at my art, watch for more Kindred fan art
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Where do I even begin to analyse this masterpiece. The style in which you drew this depiction of Kindred is simply amazing it is very unique and different from the other versions I have seen, in the sense that it has a huge imposing presence to it, the style that you have done this in adds an amazing and almost unreal amount of detail on lamb, her fur looks very realistic to the point where it looks like as if I can reach out and feel it. Her mask looks incredible the texture is incredible and her eyes are I can't even begin to describe them, they look as if they are looking into my very soul. Lamb herself look very powerful and imposing and having wolf behind her is a very well nice choice as it shows his menacing like presence.
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EqG Lemon Zest (Happy) Plz  Thank you so much! This is the nicest thing anyone had said to me so far! I'm so happy I know someone who has enjoyed my art. Very much appreciated <3
 Heart Of Love 
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Your very welcome your artwork of Kindred is very amazing and I like that your drawings of them improve with each one, it's really nice to see this in an artists gallery.