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Hello, there. This is a group for anyone who enjoys creating painting, drawing, digital art, literature, and fanfictions. Feel free to join, we're open to anyone.
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Art Creation

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Lindy Point, WV by Happyhedonic Lindy Point, WV :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 141 10 You Are Part Of The Universe - C Blake - S J Kimg by CliveBlake You Are Part Of The Universe - C Blake - S J Kimg :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 16 4 Cascada WV by Happyhedonic Cascada WV :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 138 14 WV Grist Mill by Happyhedonic WV Grist Mill :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 49 7 Misery poem by Clive Blake image  by S J King by CliveBlake Misery poem by Clive Blake image by S J King :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 9 0 Elakala-Falls-WV by Happyhedonic Elakala-Falls-WV :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 179 7 WV Fall Colors by Happyhedonic WV Fall Colors :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 37 3 Cheat Lake, WV by Happyhedonic Cheat Lake, WV :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 155 8 Davis WV by Happyhedonic Davis WV :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 177 9 Wv Sunrise by Happyhedonic Wv Sunrise :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 140 8 Plitvice Lakes by Happyhedonic Plitvice Lakes :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 209 11 Columbia River Gorge Oregon by Happyhedonic Columbia River Gorge Oregon :iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 42 2
Within Dreams
We live happily forever In my memories Our love grows ever stronger And never do you leave All that we shared It stays with me Happily, forever In memories The best we were Will always be Happily, forever Within my dreams Lost in a barrage of strange enchanting scenes Each blending into another until none are what they seem Distorted, twirling colors circling endlessly Fragmented, ghostly images change to haunting dreams I sensed her presence again todayIn fact, she sat there next to meWe spoke of the beautiful futurewe soon would haveand of treasured memories Everlasting love was swornand sealed in the tendernessof our souls Her beauty was like crystalclear and brightEyes that sparkled, and twinkledwith the coming night But with the night as darkness reigns,even the brightest light must fade Through fleeting, flickers of embers remainmany a love has lost its way Foolish hearts must strain in vainto hold their cherished vision On this night she went from meupon a winter's breezeGone was my precious onealthough my love still is strong and true Please radiant, glorious nightwith all your brilliant, splendoris there no benevolent lightin all your starry heavens? Haunting imagery rips my skullmy essence drifts from meThe foundation of everything is lostand with it, hope destroyed Astray, my exposed soul lingersthen withersbut knows not enough to die Everything I thought myself to bewas whisked awayIn that cold winter's night breeze
:iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 23 5
The Web
She has her homecontrols her territoryNeither, ruthless nor cruelbut cunningin her relentless determinationShe spins her weband waitsWho will be theunsuspecting victim?The next meal flies byunknowing its fateUntil it is too lateWhen the prey is caughtit knows only to struggleWhich simply servesto make matters worseThus, sealing its fateWings flapping, fanning, floppingin a frenzy of agonizing desperationItís horrid last momentís goes unnoticedExcept for the spiderShe cocks her head longinglyThe strands of the webvibrate like sweet musicbeneath her feetThe time has comeher wait is overTwo teenage girls walk byand stare at the web in admirationThey giggle knowinglySoon it will be their timeto devise their own design
:iconhappyhedonic:Happyhedonic 26 3
Just a cute drawing of my oc by shaiih Just a cute drawing of my oc :iconshaiih:shaiih 20 0 Kitsunya Lazy Devil by Wendylzw by NPC-Kitsunya Kitsunya Lazy Devil by Wendylzw :iconnpc-kitsunya:NPC-Kitsunya 14 4
A very talented artist named Concini has lost her job today due to Covid-19. She still needs money to pay her bills, so she's offering commissions. If you feel like spending some extra cash, go to the link below. Thank you.…
Samples of Artist's Work
Bernese mountain dog by Concini moose 4th or 5th or something by Concini Bobcat by Concini

Group Rules (not finisher yet)
....Dont submit to the Feature Folder
.... Fractal and abstract art not allowed
.... Furries are not allowed. In here a furry is an animal with a human body or anatomy. The Egyptian Gods are allowed though, and classical mythological creatures that can be categorized as furries are allowed. Example: werewolf
..... Everyone is free to share any political or religious view in here, its not our job to meddle with personal affairs as long as there's no attack on  a particular user using the group.

Some club info:
....Featured deviations are amazing deviations that are selected as the best of the month and are thus featured for a month or more. Some attempt is made to include various forms of arts, but due to fixation on their quality, it is only a modest effort. I'd say it can be 4/5 of the same art form.
....Monthly deviations are deviations who stand out during a given month in their quality and beauty. They are selected based on quality. However, they're proportioned also based on which type of deviation they are, as monthly deviations are selected of various forms of art, such as writing and tattoos. They cant be of only one art form or of the same artist.
....Shout out of the month are random deviations to be displayed, preference is given to newbies.
the other deviations
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