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Breaking The Illusion

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"We are here to heal, not to harm. We are here to love, not to hate. We are here to create not destroy."

All what the group is really about is to bring information that matter and the truth according to what is really going on in the world.
The group doesn't promote any ideology, just information, the ideologies, religions, political parties and all the things like this are in reality tools to divide and rule the human kind.
When we see names like, communism, capitalism, nazism, facism, socialism ...ism ...ism ...ism .... the list is very long to actually mention here.
That is the sign to identify those divisions, it does encloses the human mind in boxes of ideas, imaginary barriers and limitations, it can also be called police thought.
The only rule every human should really be concerned to follow is the rule of love, with that rule, everyone would be treat as equals no differences would exist nor any of the problems humanity face today.
That is been said, now you have a good perspective about the mission of this group.

Promote real information and knowledge, that will bring understanding and comprehension, with that a person will awake to a higher level of consciousness and then, the development of real love. Love for the planet and all things on it!

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"Join the revolution. This one’s the real one! It’s only leader is you!" - Zen Gardner

We are here to help to break
the spell of programmed humanity
and change the nature of the experience
here what we call earth.

We are here to create a revolution unlike any that has gone before. A Conscious Awareness Tsunami that will sweep the planet and shake our modern world to its very core.

Breaking the Illusion about what most people in the world believe to be true, the government lies, banking system scam, main stream media tailored news, that shapes the mind of all people around the world and creates this illusion of "normality". A hijacked reality that people can't see because is repeated every day.

As I am sure you know by now, the reason why I feel it is so important to reveal the real truth, is that the same ‘Elite Few’ that has ordered and carried out so so many of the world’s atrocities is still trying to secretly rule our daily lives. The time has now come for us to stop the madness that is threatening to destroy the world, once and for all, in a non-violent way, by letting the truth totally expose their dark agenda.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Manifesto of the Awakened

“by Zen Gardner

To the Few Whom This Concerns:

Re: The deliberate subjugation of our people and planet

While you continue to hypocritically blame humanity for the dire plight of our world, we hereby put you on notice that we are well aware that it is you, the financial, corporate, military, scientific and governmental agents and most of all the dark shadow forces behind you, that we know full well comprise and empower the destructive global power grid, that are responsible for our current engineered crises and overall social condition.

You’ve brought us and our planet to the precipice. If you do not cease and desist, what is soon to come will be blood on your hands, cause untold suffering, and all for naught as far as your designs are concerned. You too will shrivel up in the dustbin of history as just another invasive parasite that couldn’t succeed in its self-serving designs for all its efforts.

Know that.

We hereby officially notify all those complicit in this massive control program that:

We are aware of your efforts to dumb down, anesthetize and control the world’s populations.
We are aware of your destructive programs to sicken and alter humanity through the chemical, electromagnetic and genetic modification of our food, plants, animals and ourselves.
We are aware of your wanton destruction of our earth, skies and oceans through resource exploitation, geoengineering and weather modification.
We are aware of your many false flag events and surreptitious “strategy of tension” schemes purposely designed to keep the world in perpetual fear and continual wars against fabricated outside enemies for control and profit.
We are aware of your fascist medical designs to drain and destroy humanity via the decrepit allopathic medical system based on profit and ill health at every level, including the proliferation of pharmaceuticals, invasive and debilitating treatments and deliberately damaging vaccines.
We are aware of your moves toward a worldwide police state based on hyperbolized fear and disinformation to manipulate humanity in order to get an unspoken imprimatur to execute your program of control and subjugation.
We are aware that your political crony establishment is all staged and designed to distract from the real issues and keep the populace occupied and feeling like participants while you work your nefarious program.
We are aware of your falsely imposed vampiristic taxation system to fund further bureaucratic bloat, controls and an overarching agenda of genocidal wars on innocent peoples, and that it is arbitrary and our sovereign choice to simply not participate in any longer.
We are aware that a select few major corporations with vested interests in this global agenda now control almost all media and that mass media is nothing more than a mouthpiece of propaganda to these ends.
We are aware that your “entertainment” industry is simply socially engineered entrainment towards personal and social distraction, chaos and degradation.
We are aware of your AI, electromagnetic grid and mind manipulating designs and technologies that are being imposed to further expand your psychopathic control program.
We are aware that you repress emerging technologies that threaten existing parasitic profitable ones, such as the hazardous petroleum and nuclear industries, when alternative energy sources and other such solutions have arisen for many decades which you have suppressed.
We are aware that you sequester knowledge and information in a vast array of fields to keep the general populace in the dark and thereby disempowered as to our true historical context, while you are coveting secret information and carrying out advanced covert research for your own ends.
We are aware that you have stigmatized, marginalized and seek to outlaw any form of criticism, questioning or dissent using whatever excuse you can manufacture.
We are aware of your oppressive, enslaving monetary and legal control scams, private fractionalized banking pillaging, and twisted cravings for money and power in an imposed control system that never needed to exist in the first place.
We are aware of your falsely postured institutions, foundations, institutes, charitable organizations and international bodies such as the so-called United Nations and its many agencies and agendas being used to further develop your global control plans and programs.
We are aware of your secret societies, blood line allegiances and luciferian, freemasonic, Babylonian and otherworldy roots that propel the wickedness of your self appointed leaders. We are aware of your ritual sacrifices, paedophelia and bestiality inclinations and other sordid practices, all of which are anathema to our conscious race.
Ad nauseum…

This will be tolerated no longer.


We are aware that you know we are on to you. We stand fearless, fully committed to humanity’s well being. You are shallow, self-serving and seriously misled guns for hire working for a control system being engineered by powers beyond your knowledge that will devour you, just as you seek to devour us.
We are aware of who you are. Your days are numbered. Your designs will soon be visited upon your heads if you do not drastically change your ways. Universal law dictates it. You know it, and we know it. Hence your sloppy, miscreant behavior being so thoroughly exposed which you so furiously attempt to deny and suppress. This futile lashing out only works toward the exposure of open truth and the awakening’s favor.

If there is an ounce of humanity left in any of you, defect and help us expose and bring down these life ending forces. You, your children, your grandchildren and anything you may still hold dear are already suffering and will also perish in the catastrophe we are soon destined for if you do not respond.


A last warning.

We are aware. We are awake and activated. We will do everything within and without our personal power to see our race and planet survive and shake this parasitic invasion. Our planet itself will not take this attempted overthrow. Know that, and expect repercussions from Her, as well as us, a gathering storm of sacred truth you cannot possibly fathom.

Your opposition, resistance and puny, short-sighted efforts are dwarfed by what awaits you.

Will you find your humanity in time? We think many of you could, and those of you who do will be welcomed amongst the awakened. However, we realize many are beyond redemption.

But don’t try to fool us. We’re more on to you than you could ever imagine.

Just watch and see. We will surprise you, just as you fear.

We’re here. We live. We cannot be stopped nor thwarted by any means despite your flimsy efforts.

The truth and love we bear are coming for you. Truth and cosmic resonance cannot be denied and any aberration from it will be mitigated.

That’s just the way it is.

Think about it. If you dare.


The Eternally Awakened”


OXI - NO - NEIN by MiSt-Stavi OXI - NO - NEIN :iconmist-stavi:MiSt-Stavi 19 26 Marcus Quote by 8manderz8 Marcus Quote :icon8manderz8:8manderz8 58 27 Boss of Me no.116 by dekdav Boss of Me no.116 :icondekdav:dekdav 11 0 Countdown by thebluevalentine Countdown :iconthebluevalentine:thebluevalentine 20 4 Name says it all by blackcat19964 Name says it all :iconblackcat19964:blackcat19964 1 0 Book Reviews: No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald by tynishamontoya Book Reviews: No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald :icontynishamontoya:tynishamontoya 4 1 Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership by Bragon-the-bat Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership :iconbragon-the-bat:Bragon-the-bat 24 5 World Cup Brazil / Protests by douglasbatetucci World Cup Brazil / Protests :icondouglasbatetucci:douglasbatetucci 8 1 LotR Meme - NSA PSA by shadesmaclean LotR Meme - NSA PSA :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 12 12 European Democracy by Bragon-the-bat European Democracy :iconbragon-the-bat:Bragon-the-bat 8 2
TTIP-Tafta Project
I don't know what to say about this but that it's disgusting in too many ways. Not only that the souverenity of countries is less worth than the profit of world companies, it will destroy the whole economy of Europe as a similar trade agreement did with South America's, it will spit on our human rights, privacy, and environment. To add, it is about to be bergained in a small chamber with basically only industrial representatives and shall be kept secret according to them, though De Gucht mentioned it to become a public debatte maybe. Yet I cannot believe that there're some politicians treating us like little children as though we wouldn't understand it all. The most knowledge is based on half-knowledge, it was said, and I really don't know how we shall be better educated when everything is kept secret.
Yet I know enough not to allow it, and this is for all Europeans, please refuse this, go on or something similar and sign petititions or
:iconthroughmythoughts:ThroughMyThoughts 1 6
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by ahermin, Dec 16, 2008, 10:59:54 AM
Journals / Personal

The current governments will fall -- for they no longer meet the needs of the governed. The cause is that the principles upon which these governments are founded are deeply flawed. One of the major factors, however, is that through internet, we, The People have relinquished our responsibility to govern ourselves, and to create the appropriate circumstances and environment in which to learn, grow, and develop to our highest potentials; and live, work, and play in a manner that is aligned to our spirits and ultimate happiness. We create our own reality. We are responsible for all that we experience. There is nothing external to blame. We are seeing and experiencing the direct results of our own choices. Yes, each and every one of us.

In the coming years the very foundations of our society will crumble before our eyes. Trust your inner sensing, for this is indeed exactly what is going on. We are already seeing this, right now -- the weather, the governments, the religious institutions, the education systems, the family, the economy, the ecology of the planet -- literally all aspects of our lives are in turmoil. All of our social systems are facing huge problems, problems for which they have neither the resources nor ability to address. And, it has only just begun...
Liberty is the most cherished fruit of life. Yet, amazingly, we find all man-made institutions shaped to work against the liberty of man in the final analysis. A careful study of the society history is sufficient to prove this assertion. The evolution of the state when viewed from an unbiased, detached angle of perception will appear no more than an institutionalized journey of man towards progressive self-imposed slavery.
The human social organization had never changed. For its building brick is property. Or theft. The social contract never evolved. “The proprietor, the robber, the hero, the sovereign — for all these titles are synonymous — imposes his will as law, and suffers neither contradiction nor control; that is, he pretends to be the legislative and the executive power at once . . . [and so] property engenders despotism . . . That is so clearly the essence of property that, to be convinced of it, one need but remember what it is, and observe what happens around him. Property is the right to use and abuse . . . if goods are property, why should not the proprietors be kings, and despotic kings — kings in proportion to their facultes bonitaires? And if each proprietor is sovereign lord within the sphere of his property, absolute king throughout his own domain, how could a government of proprietors be any thing but chaos and confusion?” (Joseph Proudhon). The subject of accumulated goods through time changed. From raw meat to cars through land and factories.

Yet today’s internet reality type of interaction has at its very core this principles:
- From each in accord with their abilities.
- To each in accord with their needs.
It is a collective contract between individuals as equals choosing to create a new type of society between, among, and around them.
As an individual, flexibility will be extremely important in the days to come, as will intuition and knowingness. Knowing your abilities, your talents, your capabilities, your strengths and your weaknesses -- these will be extremely important to not only your happiness, but to your very survival as well. Further, it would benefit you to begin to create mutual support groups (as forums and virtual communities does) around you. For, the interdependence and cooperation among these groups, these chosen "extended families", will also determine the quality of your life during the coming times, and possibly whether you will survive or not. Unless your selfhood is expanded to include others, you will not make it through, I can almost guarantee it.



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