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Luka Lortqipanidze
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm Mapper/Cartographer from Georgia. I'm making maps for entertainment. none of my maps contain hate towards any nation, people or just one individual.

I also have YouTube channel dedicated to Mapping sphere

Georgian language level NATIVE British English language level EXPERT Russian language level EXPERT 
German language level BEGINNER


Europe - 1956 Aftermath of World War I
Alternate History

Victory of Central Powers

During Great War Italy had disputed opinions on what they should do in this conflict: A stay neutral, B join Entente side and C rejoin old allies. in real life Italians choose Entente but in this scenario they choose old allies aka Central powers. this was great turn in Central Powers favor which let conflict end in favor of CP.
Italy in return got North African French colonies except Morocco which was taken by German Empire, Djibouti and rest of East African colonies from Britain. Ottomans got Kars and Batum from Russian Empire and all of Arabia, Egypt and Sudan from Britain and Germany got rest of French colonies in Africa and Western and Central British colonies. Bulgaria gained whole Dobrogea, Serbian and Greek Macedonias, Thrace and Eastern Serbian territories.  German Empire though being big player in The Great War gained little territory in Europe but big influence in return. Austria-Hungary annexed Montenegro into it's Empire and some South African territories such as Namibia. Germany incorporated only Luxembourg in the Empire. the countries participating in war such as Belgium and Netherlands got new rulers from Hohenzollern family which led them to become German puppets. Belgium gained Northern French territory by order of it's new leader to get proper port for it's new country. Countries who gained independence with Brest-Litovsk Treaty got guaranteed their sovereignty by Central Powers.

Countries founded after Brest-Litovsk treaty and Russian Civil War
1. People's Republic of Ukraine (with Kuban region until 1918 - 1940)
2. Democratic Republic of Belarus
3. Kingdom of Poland
4. Kingdom of Courland (1918 - 1920)
5. Kingdom of Livonia (Estonia and Latvia soon with Courland but still dissolved in 1926)
6. Kingdom of Finland
7. Democratic Republic of Georgia
8. 1st Republic of Armenia
9. Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan
10. Mountainous Republic of North Caucasus
11. Kingdom of Bessarabia (Moldova and Budjak 1918 - 1932)
12. Crimea (1918 - 1919 into Ukraine)

German Support of Mensheviks

Due Russian Tsar's incompetence and harsh treatment to it's people, Russians rose up against it's rulers and thus starting great Russian Revolution which led of formation 2 great factions: Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. the Bolsheviks were too radical for Germany while Mensheviks were more conservatives. Germans couldn't ignore the revolution and started supporting more favorable side to them - Mensheviks. as a result, Whites won the revolution and formed Russian Republic and then forcibly recognizing other nations who got their independence from Russian Empire.


Though Central Powers won some of it's members still had internal problems while some gained more problems. only Germany and Italy grew more stronger and were stable. Austria-Hungary still experienced large ethnic problems within Empire and even after victory in Great War, A&H was doomed to collapse. in 1923 Austria-Hungary knowing about it's decline announce of it's dissolution on Austria which later will join Germany and Kingdom of Hungary which will get all South Slavic lands except of Slovenia which will stay with Austria, Bucovina which will be split and given to Ukraine and Romania and Polish-Ukrainian Galicia which then be split by German order to Poland and Ukraine. though A&H split was peaceful same couldn't be said to Bulgarian and Ottoman Empires which experienced great revolution which then transformed into war due other countries interventions such as Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Romania, Germany and Great Britain. despite already being big conflict Ottomans and Bulgarians had their own large separatists movements inside countries, in Bulgaria: Serbian, Romanian and Greek separatist groups while in Ottoman Empire: Kurdish, Arabian and Armenian separatist movements. the war was bloody and long but in 1928 conflict was over with somewhat cease-fire. the monarchy in Ottoman Empire now under the name of Turkey will be abolished and will be replaced by democratic rule meanwhile Bulgaria will remain monarchy country but now will be constitutional monarchical country and will change it's dynasty. by support of Germany both will remain German allies and by support of Britain, the separatists and countries involved in this conflict will gain independence and territories. the tensions between Germany and Britain grew since this day until 1932...

New Countries

United Arabian States/Arabian Kingdom - was founded in 1928 after Turkish war for independence and was soon recognized by almost all nations. currently oil rich country but experiences lot of tensions inside between religious and ideological factions.

Kurdistan - Was also founded in 1928 after Turkish war for Independence HOWEVER was not recognized by neither Turkey or Arabia (It's biggest neighbours) but was recognized by Britain, Russia, Iran and etc. currently has big tensions with Arabia and Turkey.

Egypt - Gained it's independence soon after collapse of Ottoman Empire in 1926. was recognized by all nations

Republic of Cyprus (1928-1931) - Gained it's independence from Ottoman Empire and since was under British and Greek protections. in 1931 was annexed by Greece by it's own will.

Republic of Turkey - Was founded by Turkish freedom fighters which emerged from old Ottoman military which saw fall of Empire and rise for new democratic republic for Turks. after collapse of Ottomans, Germany started funding and equipping Democratic Turks instead which then bought them a new ally. currently lead by Kemel Ataturk.

Kingdom of Bulgaria - Emerged from fallen 3rd Bulgarian Empire and currently is lead by new dynasty and parlamental leaders of Bulgaria.

3rd Balkan War

Unsatisfied by result of war and new borders, nations of Balkan region started plotting against each other. mainly after collapse of Bulgarian and Ottoman Empires. Serbs were plotting against Hungarians, Hungarians against Romanians, Greeks against Albanians and Bulgarians and Romanians against Hungarians. the tensions were so high that in 1930 war finally broke out in Balkans. first step to escalating conflict into whole regional 3rd Balkan war was Greek - Albanian conflict over region of Epirus. Greeks were claiming Northern Epirus due large Greek and Orthodox minority in this region while Albania was claiming southern part with same excuse. finally the tensions reached its boiling point when Greek transporter was by mistake shot by Albanian patrol during night watch. Greece declared war on Albania for "justice" but in really was an excuse to expand its borders. soon after few weeks, Bulgaria joined on Albanian side which then provoked Serbs and Romanians which stood with its Greek allies. Bulgaria being outnumbered asked for aid from Central Powers. Hungary directly joined war on Bulgarian side while Germany tried to stay out from the war to not escalate conflict further due they already had tight tensions with British and French. Italy stayed out from this war.
The war lasted 2 years with mixed advances. Greeks were holding up pretty good compared to Albanians and Bulgarians. Hungary surprisingly wasn't doing so well and got pushed back from Romania and soon from parts of Transylvania in 1 year. the reason behind it is big Romanian ethnic population in Transylvania which rebelled soon after start of the war. even with German and Italian aid Hungary was struggling to hold against Romanians. with Romanians, Hungary also had big stalemate with Slavs in south or more specific Croatian & Serbian partisan fighters in mostly Slavic regions. Hungary was on brink of collapse and was getting no alive support from any allies what so ever. plus to add to this Hungary had big division in capital and almost ended up with socialistic revolution in capital. in 1932 Germany seeing how Hungary was on brink of collapse couldn't resist and loose valuable ally in Balkan region. Germany joined war on 5th July of 1932 which become doom of Empire...


Now this is final version of all scenarios and maps I did about Central Powers victory. all my previous works connected to Central Powers victory are not cannon (most of them) and will be rewritten as soon as I be able to.
Union of Caucasian States
Nationalism rate: 99%

Alternate History is simple - What is Georgian Empire lasted till this day like United Kingdom (not like an Empire but as United Kingdom or union).…

Georgia had great potential to be one the long lasting Empires due it strength, stability and unity. but it was destroyed by Mongol invasions and so was Georgian first and last golden age.
in this AH Georgia is tolerant nation and managed to bring Caucasian Albanians back to Caucasus by supporting them (It's not the only magic trick that Georgia can do :P) but also managed to stick with Armenia with no conflicts except minor inside clashes.

Rest AH think yourself if you want (not cuz I'm lazy or anything)

States country is divided on

1. Georgia
2. Armenia
3. Caucasian Albania
4. Nakhia
5. Dagestan
6. Circassia
8. Pontus
9. Ossetia

Most states have their own regions.
Alternate Georgia V2
Nationalism mode: currently active 10%

P.S I was just bored and made this map real quick

Some background: Extra region which you see in south is today mostly populated by Georgians and Lazes, so mostly no ethnic conflict should appear (only ethnic not saying no problem would appear lol).
Southern Europe - 1956
Closer look on Europe from previous Europe's map…

This map is different than previous one in terms of borders. differences are that Bolsheviks lost to Mensheviks due German support. Russian Republic was formed in 1921. Kuban region was receded back to Russia from Ukraine to change German image in Russian people and leaders.
German civil war ended with both satisfying solution. Germany was reformed into constitutional monarchy but still lost Czechia, Slovenia but kept all of Posen region and Kattowice.
Wallonia was never given to France but instead lost northern province Nord-Pas-de-Calais to Belgium which is German puppet state since 1918.
3rd Balkan war erupted between Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania and Hungary VS Serbia, Greece and Romania. war ended after 2 years under Central Powers and British pressure with cease fire. Serbia, Croatia and Hungary exchanged territories. Serbia and Hungary drew border on Tisa river where Serbia got eastern part of Vojvodia and Hungary rest of it. Serbia lost Syrmia district to Croatia but gained Eastern Bosnia from it. Bulgaria lost territories to Serbia which got annexed after the Great War except of Macedonia. Albania lost Northern Epirus to Greece. no more territorial changes between rest of the nations.
The reason of war was dispute over Vojvodina, Bosnia and Syrmia regions. Serbia was allied with Romania and Greece while rest were allied with each other except for Albania which wanted to gain Kosovo from Serbia during time of war.

This map is my biggest and best work so far. please rate it in comments!

P.S The original size of map was 9658x3975 pixels( 46.3 MB ) but due Deviant limitations map was resized to  7533x3100 pixels( 29.3 MB ) one so if you'll find this map blurry it's because of resize.
Democratic Republic of Georgia
The map of Democratic Republic of Georgia from my map series and actual country which existed in 1918-1921. the border was drew according to one of the versions which tales how Georgia's borders looked liked.

The map it's from -…
Actual State -…


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I make them all from scratch. the only base I use is Google maps or sometimes side historical maps for individual provinces/states.
1. Take a screenshot of country or some region in Google maps.
2. Create new work on platform you're using (I'm using make it as big as your PC can handle but don't have lags and DeviantArt can accept it.
3. Paste screenshot.
4. draw first landmass, then borders then regions or provinces.
5. equip tool which selects parts with same colors (mine is called magic wand). reduce it to that point where you only select forested areas (Green spots on google maps).
6. create new layer and than color selected areas with pale green.
7. mark cities and name them
8. name countries and seas
9. improvise.
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