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Luka Lortkipanidze
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm Mapper/Cartographer from Georgia. I'm making maps for entertainment. none of my maps contain hate towards any nation, people or just one individual.

I also have YouTube channel dedicated to Mapping sphere

Georgian language level NATIVE British English language level EXPERT Russian language level EXPERT


Trying to revive mapping chat
Trying to revive Mapping chat
Community with people interested in politics, mapping, history, gaming and memes. We have challenges and civil discussions rather often. Feel free to join if you are interested in my future works because I post my WIP materials there and also come up with new ideas.
World War I - Victory of Central Powers
Spent on this one several months for research and making map itself.

Claim to be the most realistic map that I made.

No background story or anything else. It's if Central Powers just won.

Map considers all in real life plans, relations and ethnolinguistic divisions to give map more realistic look and borders make sense.
Things you should know: Which countries are under protection (control) of one of the central powers state
Germany - Belarus, Livonia, Courland, Poland, Georgia, Belgium
Austria-Hungary - Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Venice
Ottoman Empire - Azerbaijan, North Caucasus
Bulgaria - Possibly Greece (not sure about this)

Made by efforts of the Liberal Empire:
Phoenix of the East - Byzantine Empire
Ain't going to write long scenario here only can say that:

1. Almost every country around Byzantium is puppet state or a minor ally
2. Map of 20th century (1900-1920)
3. Byzantium is yet again one of the most influencial state of the east and if compared to 20th century WW1 country it would be on level with France at least.

(Disclaimer: some cities have names which are not relevant to the state they are in for example some today's Turkish city names still have same name in Byzantine Empire instead of Hellenic/Latin ones. It's due of different ethnic population majority in and tbh I was lazy af to change all of them)

*WRITE DOWN ANY SCENARIO IN COMMENTS AND IT WILL BE CANNON (It includes backstory and inner politics)*

Report mistakes n stuff, plz.

Suggested by CaptainMME45


Justinian goes with all his stuff around... Carthage, Rome, Ravenna fallen, Justinian plague, Tiberius II, Longobards and blah blah...
The divergence point could be the Maurice death. Maurice reorganizes the Empire, returns to the winter quarters and the Phocas rebellion does not happen.

Good reign, 'till Khosrau II dies in a rebellion. Opposite Roman-Sassanid war, but with clear Roman superiority. This leads to the creation of the puppet state of Armenia. With a purposed plan to reconquer Italy from the Longobards, Maurice dies of plague, leaving his son Theodosius on the purple mant.

Instead following his father path, Theodosius screws all those advances. Tries to make Chalcedonism the dominant religion, and so then, his incompetence will make the Empire loose Hispania forever. And also, his only good thing is reconquer the Benevento duchy, but destroying Neapolis and Bari in the process.

Revolts across the Empire. Egypt secedes, along North Africa. And at the end, a Centurion called Leo ascends to the throne.
With no Monophysite revolts in Syria and Egypt, the Romans could rest of tensions in the southeast. Meanwhile, the newly formed Arab confederation conquers the new kingdom of the Syriacs (Levant/Palestina/Syria) and tries to conquer Anatolia and Persia, but a confederated Romano-Persian Army defeats them near Gaugamela. At these times, is around 650.

While the Eastern front is, apparently secured forever, some Avars pass through the Danube and after some sacks, they're defeated by Emperor Leo III (different from OTL Leo III) near Hadrianopolis. To gain more influence, the tribe of the Croats settle on what used to be the province of Dalmatia with the permission of the Emperor. That would be another client state, in order to contrarrest the rise of the Venetian Republic. By this point, is around the 690's.

The Croatians were evangelized in the Chalcedonian Faith, and were basically treated like authentic Romans.

With important revenues in commerce, and with full chests, Leo III organizes an expedition to reconquer just Italy. Marching from Bari, he reconquers the Spoleto duchy. But not for much, because Astolf just asked the Visigoth King Ruderic help (remember, no Arab expansion = no Reconquista).

The Eastern Roman and Lombard-Visigothic army meet at Pavia. It was a long battle, nearly a decisive Roman victory, then the last Exarch, Rufinus, and the Pro-Roman Pope Innocentius II were killed in a desperate charge and Leo III was captured. It was the definitive loose of Italy for the Roman Empire. For his ransom, Leo's daughter Eudochia was married with Astolf's brother, and an annual tribute of 20,000 gold solidus was set. The Longobards instaured a new Pope, and that was the Great Schism of this timeline. 

Leo, once a Roman Victor, now was so unpopular that the same Constantinople Patriarch, Constantine III overthrow Leo and crowned himself as Constantine IV. With the Church and the State on his hands, he led the once advanced Roman Empire into poverty and cultural darkness with many religious reforms. Some Leo's partidaries in the Croatian Kingdom of Dalmatia rebel, and after some battles in Thrace kill Constantine, proclaim a new Patriarch and one of the rebels, Simeon, ascends to the throne. Year 754, the year of the Three Emperors.  

Simeon's government was the broking point between Late Antiquity and the Medieval Era. The army is reformed, to face the Barbarian confederacy of Arabia. And definitively brokes religious ties with Rome (the Final Schism) and in response, every Latin remnant is destroyed (obviously not for laws). He is noticed about new tribes that come far beyond Sarmatia, and, in order to gain new allies, contacts with the Magyars and the recently stablished Bulgaria of the Volga. This, the Slav Evangelization, happens in a very similar way than in OTL. 

Constantinople is refurbished, and so he do with Athens, Thessalonica, Smyrna, Trebizond. His reign was one of the most prosperous of the Byzantine History, and he installed the Croatian Dynasty, who rulled the Empire with very few problems over 200 years.

Around year 962, some Norse men arrive to Constantinople. Obviously, the City resists, and just the docks are razed. Regent Empress Sophia (in the name of Basil I) marries his own son to the Tsarina of the Kievan Rus, a viking State, making the Rus a Satellite State of the Roman Empire. And so, Sophia is the only Empress. With this decission, Graeco-Roman influence extended over Sarmatia (far beyond than the original Romans could ever imagine)

Pope Honorius VII in Rome is so angry with this that, with the help of Otho I of the new HRE and Louis II of the Frankish Kingdom invade Sicily and Bari (the only Roman Remnants in the West). And so, Sophia is forced to abdicate. This is the end of the Croatian Dynasty. 
Trying to revive mapping chat


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Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too 
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Early Birthday, Luka Lortqipanidze.
If I misspelled your name in any way whatsoever, please do inform me of what/where and please do forgive me my goof-up, I beg you.
Sincerely one of your hopefully many fans- your geopolitics maps are exquisite;
Illouminous Featured By Owner May 11, 2018
Your work is great! Keep it up!
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Dude how did you make the map look so awesome where you did for example Germany,Japan,Georgia etc?I love your artwork and I'd be intrested to know
Breakingerr Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I make them all from scratch. the only base I use is Google maps or sometimes side historical maps for individual provinces/states.
1. Take a screenshot of country or some region in Google maps.
2. Create new work on platform you're using (I'm using make it as big as your PC can handle but don't have lags and DeviantArt can accept it.
3. Paste screenshot.
4. draw first landmass, then borders then regions or provinces.
5. equip tool which selects parts with same colors (mine is called magic wand). reduce it to that point where you only select forested areas (Green spots on google maps).
6. create new layer and than color selected areas with pale green.
7. mark cities and name them
8. name countries and seas
9. improvise.
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