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Top 10 Newgrounds Flashes
For those of you who don't know, Newgrounds is a site found here:
It was made by a guy by the name of Tom Fulp in order for people to create their
own flash cartoons, games, and even music and post it onto the interwebz. Since
then, it's grown, had a few facelifts, and is now one of the most popular sites on
the internet, and certainly one of my personal favorites. I surf it often, wading
through gigabytes and terabytes of crap.
However, some of the flashes I've seen on there were truly great, and I'd like to
honor them here.
So here it is, my Top 10 Newgrounds Flash Submissions. Enjoy!
10. Madness Series:
If you're looking for violent, then sweet Lord! Madness is for you. One of the
coolest series ever, with one of the most badass characters ever, some hate this
series for it's ultraviolence and unfair religious symbolism (the main antagonist
looks like Jesus), others, like myself, can ignore the relious, er,
:iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 0 2
Top 10 Anime Dubs
It's a fact. I always watch the version of an anime that's better, whether it be sub,
or dub. But for now, I want to talk about those shows that actually got better in
the trip from Japan to America. So, here it is; my Top 10 Anime Dubs.
10. Blood+ - Now, this anime is a bit to gory for my tastes, but even I have to
admit   that the violence was left untouched, the voices were pretty easy to listen
to, and the music was pretty much untouched.
9. Yu Yu Hakusho - Now THIS was impressive! Every bit as great as the original
manga, Hakusho had EVERYTHING intact, except for a small bit of the music. But
hey, that's ok!
8. Death Note - This dub was better than the original, plain and simple. Why? Two
reasons. One, it has the stupidest line in anime history:
/watch?v=kaoy1QKxGQs , and two, L's voice was INCREDIBLE!
7. Fullmetal Alchemist - Oh yeah. You saw that coming. While not the best, FMA had
an unbelievably solid dub. The voices fit better than the Ja
:iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 1 11
My Top Films Ever
                                  My Opinion on the Best of the Best Films Ever
Besides gaming, the one form of media that has had the most effect on me was the film media. Movies are a way to get a message across to the audience that can be enjoyed by anyone with half a brain cell.
Having said that, though, if you try to make a list of the best films, this is almost impossible because film style changes every day. I mean, if you try to compare The Maltese Falcon to Transformers, it’s incredibly easy to tell when each was made. But I can still try, can’t I?
This list is a little different, though, because instead of just doing a little list of the best, I’m going to go the extra mile by highlighting the best from each decade since 1950, and then give my personal opinions. But now then, it’s time to
:iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 0 3
The Seal of Armageddon by BreakerdeGodot The Seal of Armageddon :iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 0 0
Review: Super Smash Bros Brawl
WARNING: This review contains extremely controversial opinions about an
extremely overrated game. If you flame the author over this, then you can fuck
right off.
                                                               BdG Review:
                                                    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Invariably, when a series goes to the 3rd and 4th installments, the franchise
usually gets worse. However, when
:iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 0 1
Mature content
A Man's Personal Hell :iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 0 0
QReview SSBB... Or Is It???
                               QReview: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (or is it????)
deGodot: Yes. I want you to review this. *gives it to Ema*
Kyon: *sigh* Oy… fine, what game?
Ema: Let’s see.. Oh! Super Smash Brothers Brawl!
Kyon: …oh f*ck.
Wario: GEAHADHFAHRFERHAWEGFENWKLERNAOGM! IT’S BROS! NOT BROTHERS! GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! *jumps on Ema and starts strangling her*
Kyon: HOLY **** ON A **** SANDWICH WITH **** ON TOP AND A SIDE OF ****!
Ema: *dies*
Kyon: Oh great. Now you’ll bring her back, right deGodot?
deGodot: HAH! No.
Wario: Ex-squeeze me?
deGodot: Ew, no. Anyway, why should I?
Kyon: Um… the contract…?
deGodot: Oh, that. I didn’t put that in her contract.
Wario: You didn’t?
deGodot: Hell no! I wouldn’t have eve
:iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 0 0
QRev: Wario Land 4
Kyon: *stretches and yawns* Boy, and I thought baseball practice took it out of me. You have to be Mickey Mantle to keep up with Haruhi...
Kyon: *jumps up* WHAT THE HELL?!
???: Hey Kyon.
Kyon: WHAT THE- oh. Its you. What do you want now deGodot?
deGodot: Thats MR. deGodot to you! I have another game for you to review.
Kyon: ...You're kidding right? It's 10'o'clock and you want me to review a freaking game? Now?!
deGodot: Well there's no time like the present! Now wait one second.
*deGodot disapears for a few seconds, then rematerializes with Ema and Wario*
Kyon: Oh God... not in my house...
Wario: ANOTHER GAME REVIEW?!?! I was just looking at porn when Mr. deDildo-
Wario: I said nothing.
Ema: Great... another review. Well, we might as well get this over with.
Kyon: *huddled in the corner muttering* Why my house? Why me? Why can't I die? I want to die! I'm gonna kill myself...
Wario: Kyon, shut the hell up and get over here! The sooner we
:iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 2 1
Re: Letter to Quesada
Dear Joe Quesada
I recently had the... courtesy to read your companies HORRIBLE spin offs “Marvel Zombies” and “Marvel Apes”. While I thought they were well drawn I thought I’d offer you an idea for a better spin-off title.
The idea is kind of like the past two ideas. But it is called Marvel Medusa.
The idea is that Wolverine discovers a machine that transports Him/her/It/Them to an alternate dimension, where every male character in the Marvel Universe is a stone pillar.
Naturally Wolverine, or Logan if you perfer, is horrified when they discover this. And try to get the hell out out of this place. But the Marvel Medusa, who has been turning the male characters into stone pillars, decides that she doesn't want that leading to a confronational storyline on how Wolverine tries to escape from the Marvel Medusa and has to face his fears to kill her.
After this. Perhaps you could consider a short miniseries about the Marvel Medusa.
Yours in advance
Breaker deGodot
:iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 1 0
My Yomi Angel by BreakerdeGodot My Yomi Angel :iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 1 0
KEWReview New Super Mario Bros
Kyon, Ema, and Wario Review:
New Super Mario Bros.
Kyon: So… why are we here again?
Ema: The boss wants us to review this game… I have it somewhere…
Wario: Why do we have to do this?
Kyon: That’s what I’d like to know…  Waitaminute! My internal monologue is gone!.
Ema: Here it is! *holds game up*
Kyon and Ema: WHAT?!
Wario: It’s a Mario game! I can’t play a Mario game! I can’t; I won’t!
Kyon: Besides, isn’t this review a technically a rip-off of PsyGuy and KingdomHeartsFrantic?
Ema: Who the hell was that?!
deGodot: I’m the writer, bitch! Now shut up and review the game!
Kyon: *sigh* Let’s get this over with. Anyway, what game is it anyway? I couldn’t hear you over this stupid lug. *points at Wario*
Wario: *flips him off*
Ema: ANYWAY! The game is New Super Mari Brothers-
Wario: Who the hell says “Brothers”? It
:iconbreakerdegodot:BreakerdeGodot 1 0


AA Emotional Spectrum by KingdomHeartsFrantic AA Emotional Spectrum :iconkingdomheartsfrantic:KingdomHeartsFrantic 230 29 Firefly: The Complete Saga by shokxone-studios Firefly: The Complete Saga :iconshokxone-studios:shokxone-studios 55 9 Leno by shokxone-studios Leno :iconshokxone-studios:shokxone-studios 34 10 KHF Christmas Card by KingdomHeartsFrantic KHF Christmas Card :iconkingdomheartsfrantic:KingdomHeartsFrantic 15 8 Inglourious Basterds by shokxone-studios Inglourious Basterds :iconshokxone-studios:shokxone-studios 80 21 KHF's 13 Angels 2010 by KingdomHeartsFrantic KHF's 13 Angels 2010 :iconkingdomheartsfrantic:KingdomHeartsFrantic 31 41 The Eyes of The Good by shokxone-studios The Eyes of The Good :iconshokxone-studios:shokxone-studios 73 13 CRY SOME MORE by BigAl2k6 CRY SOME MORE :iconbigal2k6:BigAl2k6 11 13 Half Life 3 - commission by MaroBot Half Life 3 - commission :iconmarobot:MaroBot 400 355 BigAl's Niece by BigAl2k6 BigAl's Niece :iconbigal2k6:BigAl2k6 10 65 Meet the Ranter by BigAl2k6 Meet the Ranter :iconbigal2k6:BigAl2k6 20 28 A Hellacious Slobberknocker by BigAl2k6 A Hellacious Slobberknocker :iconbigal2k6:BigAl2k6 7 9 Now it's a Party by BigAl2k6 Now it's a Party :iconbigal2k6:BigAl2k6 17 9 Here Come's A New Challenger by BigAl2k6 Here Come's A New Challenger :iconbigal2k6:BigAl2k6 12 10 Heavy has a Date Tonight by BigAl2k6 Heavy has a Date Tonight :iconbigal2k6:BigAl2k6 18 6 Use the Star Punch Mac by BigAl2k6 Use the Star Punch Mac :iconbigal2k6:BigAl2k6 13 7



  • Watching: Cowboy Bebop (Ahh the classics)
Why? Just why? Why did you see fit to move the show. I'm in Jersey, so it's far enough as it is. But this is much worse than when it was in Reading. But this is ridiculous.
First of all, I waited in line for tickets for more than half an hour.
Second, the place is about half the size of Reading.
And finally, 7 bucks for a Philly Cheese Steak?! Are you FUCKING kidding me?!?!

So anyway, I haven't got much to say about it, except MOVE IT BACK TO READING! PLEASE!


None of your damn business
United States


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