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What happened to the colour?
    I am sitting in the shower, laughing and crying. My clothes are getting soaked, but there's something comforting in the feel of the water hitting me. I wonder if I've finally gone mad.
    I haven't had a shower in weeks. Months? Time is a fleeting concept that seems to completely escape my days. The sleepless nights, the days in bed. It's all the same anyway, so why bother.
    I sit in the shower for some minutes. Hours? When I finally try to get up, the water has turned from pleasant to icy, and my body feels like someone poured lead into my limbs. Or more lead.
    I struggle to my feet, so very tired, and stagger out of the bath room and back up the stairs to find my bed, never mind the wet clothes. Curling up on my bed, and looking at the wall. There's the spot that looks like a squashed mosquito. Couldn't get it all out of the tapestry when I squashed it.
    There's a knocking at the front door. I br
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 4 2
Flying fish
        When I first set out to learn how to ride, I kept falling off. The sudden turns every time Blue moved, consistently took me by surprise. I suppose it would have been easier with a horse or even a dragon. The horse would be like sitting in a rocking chair, I'm told. The dragon would make for a more swooping ride up and down, like waves, and probably take some getting used to as well.
Blue, though, doesn't go back and forth like a horse or up and down like a dragon. He moves through the air like a snake.
        My dad almost didn't want me to have Blue. He was the best of the hatched azure umbra eels that decade. They only mate once every ten years, but they lay a lot of eggs, so dad gets lots of hatchlings to work with on the farm.
        I say farm, and then you probably jump to cows and sheep.
        Our farm is far out to sea. We mostly grow glass kelp fo
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 3 8
The Book
        Alette bounced with impatience and tucked on her mother's sleeve. "Can I go to bed yet? Can I? It's almost half past eight. Can I go to bed? It's my bedtime. I wanna go to bed. I WANNA GO TO BEEEED! MO-OOOM!"
        Finally her mother gave up on the bills and looked down at the six-year-old girl, who crossed her arms and returned the look reproachfully.
        "It's my bedtime," Alette repeated, scolding her mother for not paying attention to the hour.
        Trying not to chuckle at the scowl her daughter gave her, she got up and nodded, "You're right. Did you brush your teeth?"
        Alette bared her teeth and tilted her head upward for her mother to inspect.
        "Hmm... I think you could do better than that. Go do it again, then I'll make your bed."
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 47 29
        Create sphere. Project texture. Rotate. Apply rotation. Huh. That was strange. Why did it reset the rotation instead of applying it? Hmm... Ctrl + z. The sphere rotates back where I want it. Apply rotation. The sphere resets.
        With a sigh, I delete and start over.
        Create sphere. Project texture. Rotate. Apply rotation. It still does it??
        Google[Resets instead of applying Blender]
        Only one hit seems to apply. I read through the forum thread, and apparently it's a bug. But also apparently one that is gone if you open the scene in a fresh install. Hmm.
        Uninstall Blender, keeping settings. Reinstall Blender.
        Create sphere. Project texture. Rotate. Apply rotation. Grrrr. This is getting
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 3 0
        "For the Empire! Long live the Emperor!"
        Yeah, yeah, long live the emperor, 920394484 thought. But when is it my turn?
        He looked past the giant shingle-covered trunk of keratine in front of him, trying to get a glimpse of the one in charge.
        If only something would happen to kill off the Emperor and the 920394482 between me and the throne so I can finally do something with my life, and I can go somewhere. The thought had been a plague for most of his young life. He knew he'd never matter. He would always be just a mindless miner. But who knew... maybe some day, something amazing would happen. Maybe even today?

     "Come along, Rover, time for your flea treatment."
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 1 4
The Bone Woman
        There was this once, my brother was sick. He had fallen into the lake, and a day later his chest hurt something fierce.
        That's when old Lorelai came and made him better with all her herbs and other nasty smelling stuff.
        We used to call her the Bone Woman, because her house was filled with bones, hanging from the ceiling. That is, when we didn't call her something worse. I guess the people in my village were always a little scared of her, and the things she knew to do.
        However, she saved my brother, like she saved so many people before him, so I always tried to be nice to her.
        One day, the village priest said that the gods were angry with us. That we had nurtured a witch. That she must pay, or the gods would punish us.
        At first no one paid attention, but then old
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 4 20
        He was listening to the music, so familiar his fingers were twitching slightly, begging to do the chords in the air. He was too tired to let them, though, sitting in the tall arm chair, his arms limply on the armrests.
        Tilting his head lightly to the side and closing his eyes, he could still feel the thrill of standing on stage, coaxing alien and unlikely sounds from his guitar, as he sang his heart out to the screaming, cheering crowd. Those had been the days. Amazing days.
        He opened his eyes as the track finished and the new one started, blazing out of the speakers. Or so it sounded like to him, trapped in his golden days haze.
        "Take that, modern day youth!" he almost called out. "Feel that beat! Feel the music flying through you! Out of you!"
        Nodding to himself, he sighed with happiness, barely n
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 1 4
Earthbound - page 4
        ”I suppose he has reason to be angry,” Korren said, quietly, finally giving up all pretence of reading the book that had been open on the same page for the last half hour.
        Taeira caught the six different-coloured balls she had been juggling, before looking at him. ”Who?”
        ”The Keeper of Peace... Somebody committed a murder, right under his nose, and now he can’t find the culprit... So I suppose he has reason to be angry.”
        Taeira started off first one, then two, then three balls until she was juggling the lot again. ”The only reason he’s upset, is because he doesn’t know if anybody’s figured out he was the one killing Tossin,” she said, shrugging. The shrug cost her a ball, but she continued with the rest, regardless.
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Earthbound - page 3
        ”Hurry up,” Korren gasped. ”We’ll be late again!”
        Taeira, running right on his heels didn’t have the air to reply.
        They entered the empty hallway, and raced to the door at the end. Korren banged the door open and hurried in, fully expecting Tossin to turn on him the moment he entered. Instead he found the room empty.
        Cautiously, Taeira looked around and started for her chair on the other side of the table. This was the first time ever they had arrived first. Then she stopped, all colour draining from her face.
        ”What’s wrong?” Korren came over to stand next to her.
        A pair of feet came into view, then the black robe and finally Tossin’s upper body and head. He was lying face down on the wooden floor, arms
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Flashes of Light
        "Hello... Is anybody there..."
        As I was met with the usual static, I realized I wasn't even asking any more... simply talking out into the empty wavelengths.
        It was four days since I saw the last flash, five since they started. I only caught a glimpse of the first one out the corner of my eyes, having been nose-deep in the latest research data. When I looked up all I saw were the clouds from the latest storm over the States. I figured it must have been a particularly powerful lightening strike and returned to my data on the monitor.
        The next flash followed a couple of minutes later. Confused, I looked out the side of the station, this time keeping my attention on the atmosphere. It wasn't long till I saw a new flash, right on top of New York.
        My mouth went dry in seconds. That was no lighteni
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Marker, take II by BreaghaDerryth Marker, take II :iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 2 11
Earthbound - page 2
        Finally free of Tossin’s clutches for the day, Taeira and Korren hurried down to the courtyard to meet up with their friends before supper. Maybe they would have time for a game of earthbound. They came down the stone stairs leading to the inner court yard, just in time to hear Devi complain, ”And I just don’t see why Father wants anything to do with someone like him!” She shook her fair head and looked between the two boys in front of her for confirmation, hands aggressively in her sides.
        ”What’s wrong?” Korren asked, coming to a standstill behind her.
        Laren sighed. ”Same old. Devi’s complaining about the Keeper,” he said, his usual, good-natured smile a little worn as he glanced up at Dann next to him.
        ”Well, he’s a monster!” Devi said, turning fiercely on
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 2 0
Mature content
The Mad Clock Master :iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 2 5
Earthbound - page 1
        They stared at each other, neither one blinking. Muscles tensed, they were both slightly hunched and ready to spring into action.
        “I didn’t see Lord Gerinn at dinner,” Taeira said, her dark eyes never leaving her brother’s. She was small for a nine year old, and her brother, one year older, stood a head taller than her.
        ”Nah,” Korren said, warily blowing a shaggy, black tuft of hair out of his eyes. ”The Keeper returned today, the Lord’s probably receiving his report.” He took a step toward her, and she backed away, shaking off a shudder. She had never seen a scarier man than the Keeper of Peace, and she sincerely hoped never to meet the one that actually was scarier.
        Korren noticed the shudder and acted, silently congratulating himself on the brilliance of mentioning the Keeper. H
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 1 2
Oh poor Atlas
         46 billion light years to the middle, and then 92 billion on the other side too.
         The sphere was getting unbearably huge.
         During the millennia, he had become - well, not contented, but resigned at least, to his situation, when suddenly, the dome had expanded, become spherical. He hadn't been prepared, and had almost dropped it, the rounded sides slipping in his hands.
         When he squinted through it, he saw the world had changed. It was no longer floating on the sea, but rather, the sea was encompassing a green globe, resting in the center. The stars on the sphere twinkled and poked out from the dark matter, occasionally outshone by the sun as it passed underneath them on its journey around this new body.
         With a sigh, he placed his hands a little wider apart, steadying the new world above him.
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 2 2
         She was beautiful. Even to flatlanders. Or maybe especially to flatlanders. Though her pale, moonstone-like face was contorted by despair, there was no denying Raeine’s almost otherworldly delicate beauty.
         As she stood on the sill, the wind tearing at her scant clothing, she looked down on the moat, so far, far below. It seemed so much further from the window sill than it had done from inside the room. Her blue-black, curly hair resembled raven wings, as it twisted and coiled this way and that in the updrafts.
         A sudden splintering noise from behind her made her look back over her shoulder. The Keep’s Own had already found out she had blocked the door, and were now trying to break it down, but the heavy set of drawers should keep them for at least a couple of moments.
         Drawing a shuddering breath, she lo
:iconbreaghaderryth:BreaghaDerryth 2 20

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not quite the lady, or the tiger
“Before you are two doors: one leads to death, the other…also leads to death,” said Aldus.
The “test subject” gave him a look, but Aldus just shrugged.
“It was supposed to lead to a fate worse than death, but it turned out to be only as bad as death,” he said.
“What about the third door?” asked the man. “Where does that lead?”
“Ah, that one’s not ready yet. I would really prefer you not pick that one.”
“Or else…?” said the man, as he opened the door and exited Aldus’ laboratory.
Aldus just sighed.
“Or else I’ll be forced to find a new test subject.”
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Dark Mood by PaulYoder Dark Mood :iconpaulyoder:PaulYoder 4 3
Priorities in a Story
I have noticed certain priorities that beginners have when they tell stories, vs. priorities that professional authors seem to have when they tell theirs.
It's interesting that beginners tend to focus on certain things that more experienced authors seem to grow out of, and it makes me wonder why.
I've decided to make a list about some of these things. Not for the sake of putting them down, so much as because it is interesting to me, and probably worth considering.
I think we need to think about WHY we write certain things, and our attitude behind it. This is what makes certain topics either immature or mature.
However the line is often blurred.
"Mature" means anything sexual, violent or crass (or even just extremely emotional). There is no attention to how these things are handled, leaving us with a great amount of "mature" content that is the exact opposite of mature. Likewise, some very clever and ingenious books are marketed for "children," because they have none of these things, wh
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EDIT 17th of April, 2016:

They took down the books again. Apparently, the interest was so overwhelming, that they are reprinting them!


I found this link with free books on how to draw by Andrew Loomis. 

Check them out here

They're no longer being printed, but you're free to pass them on or to point people to the article. 

Happy drawing ^^


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