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I know it seems like wow u have 5 ppl fejihunbgfonjo[ that's not cool... yeah well to me it is My social blade says I'll reach 200 subscribers in 5 years on youtube so I highly doubted any success anywhere but I'm growing on Deviant art more than my youtube where I work my ass off every day to make one video for one month then I start again and again and I have no clue where I'm going with this anyway I want to thank everyone who views this for 5 days (ends on sunday) to ask me to make a video based on one sentence they comment (i'll choose my favorite 5) be as random as you want, be as normal as u want idgaf and I'll work on all of them one day so it's like 4 hours every video and yeah thats it
I just want to thank everyone here and everyone in the source engine community. You all have such creative Ideas you all have inspired me. I may not be known yet but if my channel or DA account spark and more and more people know who I am I'll make sure everyone will know who you all are