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:police: PORTUGUESE - PORTUGUÊS :police:

Olá pessoal :iconrainbowdashplz: :iconpinkiepieplz: :iconapplejackplz:

Bem vindos ao :iconbrazilianbronies: nesse grupo todos são bem vindos :iconbrazilianplz:
Nesse grupo nos aceitamos qualquer um , brasileiro ou não mas somente os admins deve ser brasileiros

Quais São as regras?

Primeiro , você deve postar suas artwork nas pastas corretas , caso ao contrario você será negado e corrigido por um dos admins

Posso afiliar outros grupos com :iconbrazilianbronies: ?

Sim você pode , mas só aceitamos My little Pony.

Como posso ajudar o grupo?

Você pode doar pontos aqui :iconbiaapplepie: , :iconanotherbrony:, :iconmaxtwolf:
assim você nos ajuda a virar super grupo.

Como participo do grupo?

Isso é muito fácil é só clicar em "join our group" e pronto.

:police: INGLÊS - ENGLISH :police:

Hello everybody :iconrainbowdashplz: :iconpinkiepieplz: :iconapplejackplz:

Welcome to :iconbrazilianbronies: this group everyone is welcome :iconbrazilianplz:
In this group we accept anyone, Brazilian or not but only admins must be Brazilian

What are the rules?

First, you should post your artwork in the correct folders, unlike the case you will be denied and corrected by one of the admins

Can I affiliate with other groups :iconbrazilianbronies:?

Yes you can, but only accept My little Pony.

How can I help the group?

You can donate points here :iconbiaapplepie:, :iconanotherbrony:, :iconmaxtwolf:
so you help us turn super group.

How do I join the group?

This is very easy just click on "join our group" and ready.

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Are you a Brazilian Brony and you feel alone? Join Brazilian Bronies!
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May 24, 2012


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I thought it was pretty good. :3

And keep in mind that I am a My Little Pony fan who has some kinds of ideas that are really weird for the show. :v

Like a character as old as Celestia and Luna who thaught them many things but went missing for many years, but now is coming back to help Celestia get Luna back. xD


But any ways, the first 2 episodes, named "Cutie Markless", are a pretty good start for this series' 5th season.

What everyone thought to be just another marketing show for kids is delving into some concepts I think I've never seen in other kid's shows.

The episode is about Twilight and her friends going into a city where everyone is equal and no one is better than the other in the city.

Talking about Equalty among ponies almost made me feel like if the creators wanted to draw some sort of parallel to communism.

It might feel weird on the head, but hear me out...

You have an original idea to all of the ponies in the city, living like you're the same as everyone.
The ponies live happily and try their best to agree with the idea.

Then you have the leader, who I forgot the name, because I only recall the Mane 6's names,
This leader is mighty over them all and do pass an idea of security to them all.
This leader also is a controling pony who did a lot to misguide the ponies of the city.

Then comes Twilight, the girls and do make an impact on their lives by just having another idea, the idea of individuality.
The system then crumbles because there are conflicting ideas, but the idea of individuality wins.

That is actually not the best way to describe how Communism is on the story of human history, but that's how it felt to me.

The weirder fact is how I'm discussing this on a Kid's show, but for a show who gets a lot of hate on the internet and I got this kind of subliminal message out of it, then people surely are missing a lot from it just because of their perception and blatant immaturity.

I mean, how many grown ups today go out and just watch Big Hero 6, or Frozen, or movies that if you were older, you wouldn't give a damn about, but you go to watch because it's made by Disney and Dreamworks?

Just because Hasbro doesn't have some sort of legacy behind her, it doesn't means her content will not have good ideas.

My Little Pony is a very good show, and from all its 4 seasons, with its 5 coming through, there are many things you can learn and teach kids or even teenagers.

I just watch it because I'm a 21 years old guy who needs my fair share of entertainment for the day, and working my hand to the bone in college is really stressful.

Anyways, this was my review of this episode of MLP.

I will try focusing more on the episode content next time.

I just wanted to rant a little about MLP.
Qualquer membro que realizar propaganda política no blog será advertido. Se persistir, será prontamente empalado e banido.

Obrigado por sua atenção

So... Asking all of you that want to debate about Video Games, I want to know your favourite game and for this topic, I want you to note one thing:

What caught your attention in the game to make it your favourite? Was it a storyline that kept you playing to know all of its drama? Was it a gameplay that made you keep playing to get to know all of the abilities in your avatar? Was it the soundtrack in the game that kept you playing just because it was really haunting?

Or... I dunno.. Was it... All of them?!! :D

It can be just anything that kept you playing it for so long that even when you put the controller down, you came back for more.

Even when you were finished with the game, when you grew 3 or 5 years into the future, you looked back at that game you went like: "Damn, I could really go back to some cool adventures..."

And bam!! There you go, living your epic tale once more...

So... What game is like that? The game that really takes you back to your videogame? :)

(PS. This topic is free for discussion. Feel free to talk about them. :3 )

Anything you want me to draw? Like, any shipping in special? ;D No homo shippings, sorry. ;-;

But if there's any kind of pony pictures you want me to draw, feel free to ask. :3

(PS. I am not drawing any NSFW pics because my family's kinda suspecting things about me, so I'm laying low for a while, sorry. :/ )


Algo que vocês querem que eu desenhe? Algum shipping em especial? :3 Sem shippings homossexuais, desculpe. :c

Mas se são desenhos de ponêi, pode perguntar, que é pra dar idéias. :3

(Só não tô fazendo desenhos NSFW por que minha família tá meio que suspeitando, então tô dando uma escondida, desculpe. :/ )
O que aconteceu com a Adm :iconbiaapplepie: ???
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