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The Great Parrot Magician

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Willie dressed up for Halloween. Just getting around to cleaning out my folders which is why it's posted now. :)
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Nov 8, 2003, 2:46:48 PM
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XzoinkXProfessional Photographer
lol, this is sooo cute :aww:
sarah-bera108's avatar
Hahaha this is absolutely marvellous.
What a handsome parrot, too :D
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linkinpark202Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh my goddness.That is a double yellow headed amazon isn't that?
I have one as well,but he was never handled,so he could never do something like this.

Oh and I have a question,does its puplips seem to shirnk when it squaks?Mine does...Kind of odd..
FeeAurora's avatar
awww soo cute :heart:
GracefulAssasin's avatar
GracefulAssasinProfessional General Artist
Awww <3 I have a parrot like that too and he won't let me put clothes on him. Did you train him to be okay with it since the beginning?
Pabuj's avatar
haha ! gr8 :heart:
fl0c0n's avatar
Try a pirate costume next time XD
DragonNaga's avatar
how cute! i have one of those birds.... doesnt like to get dressed though....
milkandcookies22's avatar
This is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen! And he looks so happy! :)
VinSeph's avatar
That's adorable. My mom loves it and so do I. :heart:
jessicagorawr's avatar
ahaha very cute :)
hibou-au-chocolat's avatar
hibou-au-chocolatHobbyist Photographer
poor thing xD

but I would like to have a hat like that (;
rainarcherofficial's avatar
rainarcherofficialProfessional Artist
thats adorable! :D
brazenangel's avatar
brazenangelHobbyist Photographer
Thanks! :D
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LittleTear Photographer
oh the poor one!
but its really funny and cute!
habbi's avatar
habbiHobbyist Photographer
lol! haha thats great... awesome shot of him too by the way.. the costume is kool
brazenangel's avatar
brazenangelHobbyist Photographer
Thanks a lot. :) My friend made the cape especially for him.
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nwoProfessional Photographer
OMG!! I just comment on a shot you took of the seagulls at sunset which was almost identical to one I took, I go to your album and you have an Amazon, dressed for Halloween. I have an amazon and I dressed it up as Santa.

Pretty spooky, indeed. I need to keep an eye on you. I need to see what else is here, we may be on the same brain wave pattern. I just hope you don't live in Florida, then it would be even spookier.

Back to the shot, really nice. It's good he let you get that on him. Please don't let his name be Pauly either.

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brazenangelHobbyist Photographer
I dress up Willie for any occasion I can find things that fit him for. For Halloween though, my friend MADE the cape just for him. :)

I was amused by your gallery because I have a few of the same kind of shots so it does seem to be that we are alike. But I am in NYC so you don't have to get spooked. Heh.

Thanks again.
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Cute ^_^
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brazenangelHobbyist Photographer
Thanks. :)
pauleatsglue's avatar
Awwwww. that's adorable
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