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Rose Leslie (Ygritte from Game of Thrones)
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Chris-Lawgan's avatar
Chris-Lawgan| Digital Artist
Rosie Leslie, I like this actress. :D
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Nintendraw's avatar
Nintendraw|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautifully done! :D
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williamcote's avatar
williamcote|Student Digital Artist
You nailed her expression! :D Good job ^^
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fugimoto's avatar
almost couldn't tell this wasn't a photo, its so convincing!
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White-Rose-Brian's avatar
Is her mouth supposed to be that small?  In any case, this looks really nice.
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Zachtan1234's avatar
Very nice!!
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Manizhe-Mehr's avatar
Manizhe-Mehr|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
u r greatBlowkiss valentine fella (Love) 
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AgataCzerw's avatar
AgataCzerw|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know nothing... actually you know a lot about painting :D Good work!
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AmbergrisElement's avatar
AmbergrisElement|Student Traditional Artist
You captured her quite well,but I think her face looks too flat without any shadings.
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BunsBoo's avatar
BunsBoo|Student Digital Artist
omg that is soo good, looks really realistic and interesting
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GakaPoof's avatar
GakaPoof|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks very much like her, but you should practise more on shade and lightening, it will look more realistic then :)
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LenaLightwood's avatar
LenaLightwood|Hobbyist General Artist
I love the hair:)
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Fierce-Chai's avatar
Fierce-Chai|Hobbyist Digital Artist
So beautiful and realistic! :heart:

I really love her hair and eyes!
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rainbownote's avatar
rainbownote|Hobbyist General Artist
She has such beautiful hair! She's so gorgeous <3
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NuraNooni's avatar
NuraNooni|Professional Digital Artist
Wow, this is so realistic I fell like I could touch her cheek! great job on the hair!
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Thubilee's avatar
Thubilee|Student General Artist
well done :) i like her face and the hair. They look very realistic
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yax94470's avatar
yax94470|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really cool , go check my submit too : yax94470.deviantart.com/art/IN…
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ramblepaw's avatar
ramblepaw|Hobbyist Photographer
Really good realism with this one!
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GoofySquid's avatar
GoofySquid| General Artist
Legit thought it was a photo!
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ALRogue-M's avatar
ALRogue-M|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My god she's pretty!
And I like the texture of her face!
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Pleblu's avatar
Pleblu|Professional General Artist
Your lighting, and coloring are really well done.
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Shadowheart626's avatar
Shadowheart626|Student General Artist
haha it's refreshing to see eyes that are normal sized.

I've never watched GoT so I don't know what she looks like.. but I think you should consider adding imperfections to her skin... her skin looks too....perfect? Which is ok but imo art stand out more with more with less perfect skin.
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JEBurton's avatar
JEBurton|Professional Filmographer
Her eyes are the selling point of this piece in my opinion. They draw me in. What inspires you most about this character?
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braygel's avatar
braygel|Student Digital Artist
Well, true is that I have no idea, mebe because shes rly cool... Anyway, thanks a lot, Im glad you like It! :)
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