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Triangle 2.0

well, this is mostly an exercise, learning using shapes and playing with light and shadow effects...
main inspirations coming from HipHopium

For location, player and such just edit the
For weather data edit
There are 2 clock available, the round with band (shown in picture) and a more traditional digital one.
You may control Volume level hovering the % indicator on the player and use mouse wheel scroll for up/down
Left double click on the "Power" link will shut down your machine; Right double click will cause a restart.

Load the layout included to get the very same wallpaper, it's my mod from this…

Like usual let me know your evaluation... good and bad!!!:) (Smile) =P (Razz) 

Update 8/16/2020 - Weather skin now working with Latitude/Longitude data
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Hey, any idea why my weather skin is always on top of all programs? I know I can right click -> settings -> position but I have to do it every time I start my PC. I'd like it to be "normal" by default.

PS. Editing the Rainmeter file for AlwaysOnTop=0 did not help either.

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At the very beginning in the weather.ini file, remove this line:
OnRefreshAction=[!Zpos 1]

Thank you! You saved me from a lot of headache! I'm loving the skin btw.

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Glad you enjoy it!

can't support with new version rainmeter ? i cant instal this theme bro

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Pasti Udah Ngopi Yaaaa

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English please...

Help! I dont know how to fix weather to my location

can u send me the weather rss code for Cairo, Egypt?

The weather isn't accurate any way to fix that problem?
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Make sure to use the proper code for your lacation
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How do I play a song?
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lol, that background was my old, old, old logo XD
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Hope you don’t mind I did used for this theme 😜
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Not at all XD
It's a very good one!
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