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[Rainmeter] Neon Rings v2 - Bravo Lemur

Neon Rings for Rainmeter | Version 2 | By Bravo Lemur

A glowing suite for Rainmeter with the following skins:
  - System usage
  - Weather
  - Clock
  - Fan speed/temp monitoring
  - Volume
  - Recycle bin
  - Settings
  - Fan config

If you love this suite and want to support my work on it, I've added an option to download a paid version which is exactly identical to the free version. If you choose to opt for the paid version, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Wallpaper can be found here:…

System Usage
Show/hide hard drive free space through the Settings skin.
Show/hide CPU and GPU temperatures through the Settings skin (REQUIRES HWiNFO TO BE INSTALLED AND RUNNING - see below).

Set your location through the WeatherComCodes file (right click on the weather skin and click "Choose location").
Metric/imperial units can be selected in the Settings skin. Horizontal and vertical configurations provided as separate skins.
The main ring shows current weather condition, temperature, location and sunrise/sunset times. The forecast rings show predicted weather conditions, high and low temperatures, and chance of rain. The main ring includes a suntrail that follows the circle round from sunrise to sunset.
This skin is based on JSMorley's skin:….

Two different skins provided - one where the date extends out of the ring and one where the date is contained within the ring. 12/24 hour format can be selected in the Settings skin.
The ring meter measures seconds.

Fan speed/temp monitoring
REQUIRES HWiNFO TO BE INSTALLED AND RUNNING - see… for advice on how to set up HWiNFO and get the necessary index values. The index values can then be entered in the Fan Config skin.
The fan blades become more red the hotter your CPU/GPU get. The ring meter corresponds to fan speed (based on a max speed of 3000 rpm).

Increase/decrease volume by mouse scrolling over the skin.
Click on speaker icon to toggle mute.

Recycle bin
Shows size and amount of files in Recycle Bin. Ring meter is full when there are any files in Recycle Bin is empty and zero when Recycle Bin is empty.
Click on icons to open/empty Recycle Bin.

Set colours, size and other options for skins in this suite.

Fan config
Enter HWiNFO index values for fan speed/temp skins.

Enjoy! :)

Change Log

1.1 (2-Oct-20)    Now includes both horizontal and vertical weather layouts!

1.2 (6-Jul-21)    Now includes a 'Settings' skin where you can adjust colours, size, temperature units and other options for the whole suite. The blur effect on the background of the 'Settings' skin might require the FrostedGlass plugin to be installed.

1.2.1 (7-Jul-21)    Cleaned up some of the code and prettified the Settings skin.

2.0 (14-Jul-21)    Big update - added skins for clock, fan speed/temp, volume and recycle bin.
© 2020 - 2021 bravo-lemur
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Can we get custom "empty" neon rings. I really wanna keep some app icons inside those rings.

MaroxoM's avatar

What do you think?


Clock skin: Mond

HanzyKisik's avatar

Please how to set GPU temperatures ? Hwinfo, Coretemp etc. I have everything installed.

MaroxoM's avatar

At first, did you saw it? ~

And did you configured HWinfo?

If yes:

You need to find (C:\Users\User\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\NeonRings\@ Resources/ and change the number next to "GPUTempIndex".

To change it you need to paste this command in command prompt "reg query HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HWiNFO64\VSB" (It's safe. I saw it in this link). Then you will see something like that (bigger black picture). Find your GPU temperature and rewrite the number next to ValueRaw (For me it is 5)(smaller picture).



I didnt Understand how to make Gpu temp to works...

Cpu temp are working fine, but the Gpu are not.

I tried to change the ring size in the settings page, but the slider will not work for me.

Same. Tried clicking the numbers to manually enter size and a click icon comes up but nothing happens.

Edit: Found the solution thanks to friendly redditors:

how to set weather locations ?

looks really good. Amazing work

This looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

By the way, is there a way to change the shape from circles to something like rectangles?

Thanks again!

Great work, I also would like a network ring. When it comes I'll shoot you a second paid install, no preassure.

Hi, great skin! Can you make one foe download and upload speeds? Thanks.

I didnt Understand how to make Gpu temp to works...

Cpu temp are working fine, but the Gpu are not.

Are you able to see the GPU temperature in HWiNFO?

were you able to figure it out?

immidiatly, i cant see the GPU temp

loving the skin but! is there anyway to make it so i can move the weather ring to anywhere on my desktop that isnt in a horizontal or vertical line? cheers

Do you mean you just want the main ring and not the forecast rings?

nevermind i somehow managed to move it to anywhere i need it on my small 3rd screen i use for stats etc by unticking some options in rainmeter, cheers anyway

Ahh, I see. Glad you managed to sort it out!

Great set. Thank you very much.

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