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Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 31: The Ball
The main hall of Hogwarts has been charmed and decorated to be the most luxurious room for the students of magic. The pure, white dance floor welcomed the tapping feet as the colossal, white curtains laid upon the windows with the beautiful, colourful Christmas tree cheerfully lit up at the front of the room. The middle of the chamber was empty of all tables as they’ve been moved to the side and turned into one with a beautiful, red cover placed on top as the delicious sweets and drinks of all sorts delicately laid above.
The ceiling was not only charmed to snow and dissolve half way to the ground but it was also charmed to look like a dark, dove sky, with a few hints of bright, beautiful stars. Sets of candles flew around the room and hovered in thin air, shining bright upon the guests.
Speaking of the guests, everyone there were so overdressed, you could not tell the poor from the rich. Boys wore posh tuxedos as the girls wore posh dresses. For the first time, it felt like Hogw
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Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 30: A Request
Hogwarts was filled with rustling and hustling when boys were running around searching for partners for the freshly announced annual Christmas ball.
In the snowy courtyard you were seated on an icy bench, discussing the ball with your friends as the snowflakes slowly drenched your hair and your robes.
“I have a problem” – Quietly seated Lily adjusted her ginger hair that fell on her face due to the gentle breeze “You know about the dance? I already offered to go with Severus but…. James has asked me and I’m not so sure anymore”
“Wait a second” – you stopped her “James Potter? Sirius’s friend? The guy who bullies Snape?”
She nods. “He can be a really arrogant toerag sometimes but he promised to stay away from Snape if I go with him”
“That will crush Severus” – Mary interrupted
“We’re just friends.” – Lily frowned upon declaring. Quickly, however, her face l
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Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 29: Dark Plans
Tom’s deep arrogance didn’t approve the game at all. In fact he didn’t even bother leaning in to gather any snow. Instead he stood still, covering his face with his diary just letting the hits flow. What a horrible teammate he was.
“Come on, Slytherin boy, it’s not how you play the game” – Lily yelped
Tom sighed. Slowly he lowered his diary to reveal a mischievous grin. Riddle grabbed his wand and casted one, simple spell on the nearest icy pile transforming it into an armoured, massive, moving soldier.
“That’s cheating” – Molly gulped at the frosty giant shielding Tom while attacking the three opposing students with his colossal axe. “And dangerous” – she squealed as she dodged one attack
“Don’t worry” – Tom smirked “It’s just a game.”
Before any of your friends could get hurt you intervened and casted a fire spell at the soldier, forcing it to melt.
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Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 28: Winter Delight
Early winter crystal snowflakes fell one after another under the dove sky creating thick, white soft sheets of snow. The cold, fresh air delicately pierced through the uniform as the wind accompanied the falling layers of ice, gently breezing upon the good and the bad. The surroundings looked like heaven, anything you’d look at would be covered in inches of white dreams. Most importantly first snow reminded everyone the coming of Christmas. Every house in Hogsmeade fashioned themselves with bright Christmas lights that shone upon the cheery. Hogwarts has never looked so alive.
Just outside Hogwarts the students enjoyed the sudden change in weather. They tapped upon the crunchy footpath as if it was playful sugar. They mingled the snow like it was purified, colourless clay expressing their artistic creativity in all forms of structure – from something simple such as snowman to complex like a statue of the beloved Dumbledore.
The icy flakes stung the unprotected hands and fac
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 3 0
Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 27: After school club
Wednesday after school you headed for professor Slughorn’s classroom only to find Tom and 6 other members of the club he was leading already sat down on the massive table. They all mimicked each other’s gestures as they had their hands placed wrapped on the table. Slughorn was at the side of the classroom, pouring himself a cup of tea placed on a mini cupboard.
You took a deep sigh and ambled towards the seated Tom who was chatting with the members, you could tell he was the leader but by no means the oldest.
Tom noticed your approach “You’re late.” – he declared coldly.
“Or you’re all just early.”
Some of the boys at the table chuckled at your words including professor Slughorn. However, Tom didn’t budge.
“Where were we” – Slughorn sat down on the corner end of the table, addressing the rest of the boys
As they continued the chat on jinxes you sighed and headed for the teapot, aware of you only being there a
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 4 0
Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 26: Sleepy Mentoring
The library seemed to be just a common area of where you and Tom studied by now. You both were sat on the far end table of the room till late of night. You sat in opposite seats meaning you were facing face to face.
He was quite irritated lecturing you “It can kill you if you’re not careful”
“What if I want to die?”
He paused for a moment “Are you alright?”
“Oh I’m fine. It’s just hypothetically.”
“Then don’t be careful.”
“Okay.” – you smiled “I just wanted to hear you say it” – by this point you were creeping yourself out, not just him.
“Do you even understand what you’re saying?” – he put his book down on the table
You put down yours too and sit back “Not really.” – You noticed the lack of response “Tom.” – you lowered your voice, capturing his full attention “Why do you need a diary?”
In a cold
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Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 25: Cheeky Arrangement
Straight after the lesson with the magical creatures, you rushed out to find Tom who’s been walking down the hall, towards the library, clenching a mysterious looking book in his armpit.
“Hey!” – Sprinting, you shouted out from behind him, making him stop walking and turn around. His expression didn’t change when he saw you, he was the usual, blank self.
“Yes?” – He responded as you finally caught up. You both stood face to face in the middle of a crowded hall with people walking back and forth, minding their own business.
“I wanted to thank you for what you did back there…”
“Don’t.” – he cut you off “You had my back I had yours. We’re even.”
“Well. Still, I didn’t save your life…. So….” – you glanced at him shyly. He didn’t respond, he was just looking back at you in a blank expression. You found a way of your own way to say thank you an
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Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 24: The Griffin
Early in the afternoon, students gathered around outside Hogwarts in an open area, it was the time for studying magical creatures. It was good to finally have a lesson in the fresh air. There were about 20 students surrounding the teacher instructing. Stood in the middle was a very irritated Griffin. It had the front legs, wings and head of a giant eagle, and the body, hind legs, and tail of a lion.
After the teacher called Silvanus Kettleburn calmed down the Griffin with slow movements, the tutor smiled at the scared faces of his pupils “Now.” – he declared, capturing most of the attention from the ones who weren’t afraid to divert their eyes from the creature “Griffins are fierce, hot headed creatures. However, they will always provide loyalty.”
A significally large student names Rubeus Hagrid looked incredibly intrigued by the topic as he wrote down everything the teacher stated based on the Griffin.
“That has to be the least impressive crea
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 0
Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 23: Warmth
In the Slytherin common room, Tom trampled around with his hands placed behind his back, brainstorming over the event.
Tom’s pov
“What’s the problem with me” – he murmured underneath his breath “Countless of meaningless pests have been guarding me and all of sudden this one slips through my fingers?” – he was confused. Why did it feel so good. Why did he feel so flattered.
Reader’s pov
“oof” – There was a practice held in the main hall for defence against the dementors. You were exhausted after unsuccessfully wiggling your wand.
The whole room was filled with various people shouting out the same spell ‘expecto patronus’. Some were successful but most actually struggled. After few attempts, with the help of Severus, Lily managed to cast one – a bright, beautiful doe, hopping around the room, causing her to giggle a little. And Snape looked so delighted to see it happen.
At the
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Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 22: The feud continues
Later that day Slughorn congratulated you and Tom in making the strongest babbling beverage in the classroom. Tom was used to the constant praise from the teacher while you felt like he indeed deserved it. Besides his interest in dark arts, Tom was actually a very good, dedicated student.
When the bell finally rang as a sign that’s it’s time for History of magic, it was incredibly non-motivational to attend it. Who would be a better teacher than a ghost. Yes, a ghost was in charge of the lesson, the one who’s been teaching it for years. However the methods failed to intrigue the pupils. It was a bit paradoxical that a ghost would teach it like it was a snooze Ville.
The classroom was large and dusty with only three large windows on the large side of the classroom, barely letting in any sunlight. The class hasn’t been cleaned which could of easily been guessed by the spider webs and dirty chalkboard.
You were relieved to hear the bell go one hour later. It felt l
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 0
Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 21: The feud
Tuesday right after muggle studies you had double potions lessons with professor Slughorn.
After coming into the room you noticed that the tables had split from 6 seats each into 2 each – all of the tables now faced the edge of the classroom where the teacher’s desk laid. You saw Tom sat on one of the tables in the front, Lily and Severus sat on the table next and so on. There was a second line set of tables for the rest of the students behind too.
And therefore you sat in your usual spot – next to Tom.
After you were given a task to make a babbling potion, in the middle of pouring and inserting ingredients, the silence between you and your partner was broken.
“Did you have a delightful date?” – Tom softly spoke as he carefully put in the Aconite inside the cauldron after removing the toxic leaves.
“A tutoring session. And yes, it was very cosy until…. Well…. You know” – you were watching him treat the ingredients as if
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 4 2
Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 20: Duel
“Come on up honey, come on!” – the head of Hufflepuff called out a very shy looking boy who had his head down as soon as he got called out. He was slightly shaken as he got onto the duelling table.
His curly, short brown hair hid his eyebrows as his brown, freckled face reflected the nervousness he felt when his heart was pounding like crazy. As if he had ran a marathon.
And just to show the opposites, the head of Slytherin looked at a raven head boy with brown eyes and silent confidence. It was no other but Severus Snape being called onto the duelling table.
The round begins and before the Hufflepuff boy could do anything, Severus had already released a spell to swirl the poor boy into the air, causing him to balance off the table and therefore the end of the match.
After that, the head of Slytherin got too confident and insisted on another Slytherin beating Severus.
“How about Tom” – the teacher pointed at Tom Riddle, ge
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 3 0
Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 19: Cold hearted
In the silent village of Hogsmeade, the only place where only wizards were allowed to rest, you were quietly tutoring Sirius over a nice, warm hot chocolate. At some times he made it seem like he wasn’t even trying or paying attention. It even seemed like he was failing on purpose.
You were both resting in a warm pub, when it was getting dark outside and the only lights shined were the faint fire ejecting from the candles. Each lit up one table. The pub was cosy, it was filled with silent classical music, laughter and talking. Sirius picked the place and it was odd why he’d choose to study in a noisy place out of everything else.
You were glad to get out of the cuffs with Tom, finally, your wrist felt free.
“So what you’re saying is…” – Sirius sipped his hot chocolate “There’s a spell for endless sandwiches?”
“Yes, of course, were you not paying any attention? How is this relevant to the topic we’re learning about
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 4 2
Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 18: Oh Sirius
After uneasily sleeping the night in the hospital chamber, you were excused from your classes for the next day therefore there was no rush for the lessons. By the time you could step your two legs out of the hard bed, everyone heard about the fight and obviously, you had attracted all kinds of attention - sympathy and not.
You still had a cut lip and a bruised cheek, both visible to everyone. As you walked down the halls every curious student made some of their time to observe you, making you feel incredibly uncomfortable.
It was lunch time when you left the bed, therefore you made you way down to the courtyard and immediately you were greeted by overly friendly faces.
“OH DEAR NICHOLAS FLAMEL! !” – The ginger stood up from her seat, alongside with her friends - Molly and Mary who’d tackled you as soon as they saw you
“Ouch, guys!”
“Sorry” – Lily apologised as all three of them got off you then helped you stand up. “We wanted
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 3
Tom Riddle X Reader V2 Part 17: Amends
Moments later you were laid down in the hospital room. Tom informed you that the Ravenclaw girl who’s in charge of the project with the cuffs has let you rest for a day, meaning there was no pressure of being stuck with the dark wizard for the whole of it.
However, you were till horribly bruised as you could barely move a muscle. The nurse would come and go to check up on you and if you needed anything. For a slight moment you even felt like royalty. As welcoming as the gesture was, it didn’t overflow the creepiness and dullness of the room when you were all alone, especially since it was getting dark outside.
As for the girls who’ve attacked you? Well, it was silly of them thinking you wouldn’t snitch them into trouble, with a little push of Tom Riddle of course.
As the bright clouds have dissolved, revealing the moonlit sky, shining with stars that’d been played out like the chess, the rain began to slowly overpower the beautiful scenery outside the wind
:iconbravemoongirl:BraveMoonGirl 5 5
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Teardrop by RancidRainbow Teardrop :iconrancidrainbow:RancidRainbow 19 7 light stranded by Apofiss light stranded :iconapofiss:Apofiss 2,957 35 spring chills by Apofiss spring chills :iconapofiss:Apofiss 4,414 51 beyond light by Apofiss beyond light :iconapofiss:Apofiss 3,790 59 winter stories by Apofiss winter stories :iconapofiss:Apofiss 4,349 65 tiger7 by Apofiss tiger7 :iconapofiss:Apofiss 5,856 150 time fall by Apofiss time fall :iconapofiss:Apofiss 2,753 27 fire red by Apofiss fire red :iconapofiss:Apofiss 2,714 39 The Lord of lights by Ellysiumn The Lord of lights :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,482 85 Aquaman by Logunkov Aquaman :iconlogunkov:Logunkov 238 5 Thor Ragnarok by Logunkov Thor Ragnarok :iconlogunkov:Logunkov 141 7 Loki by AtanvarneArt Loki :iconatanvarneart:AtanvarneArt 160 4 LOKI by DyanaWang LOKI :icondyanawang:DyanaWang 111 14 Loki by Anariel27 Loki :iconanariel27:Anariel27 47 2 Sons of Odin by Maddsaa Sons of Odin :iconmaddsaa:Maddsaa 161 12 Avengers: Gamora by daekazu Avengers: Gamora :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,885 46
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Will call was on Friday, thankfully I went because of the lines for it the next day. It started to rain So thankfully I brought a walking dead hoodie with me and we had to wait about 2 hours to get my grand admission 2 day tickets and photo op for Norman Reedus (Daryl). Already saw someone cosplay as Andrew Lincoln (Rick) who fooled quite a lot of people as most of them started taking pictures with him and shouting out "Andrew".

Line on Saturday was INSANELY long, 12,000 people lined up. Imagine an airport passport control right before you aboard, them lines make you annoyed because of walking left, right, left, right and so on due to the barriers. Arrived at about 9:30, meaning only VIP, GOLD and PLATINUM tickets were allowed in first as grand admission are only being let in at 10:30. However, due to so many people lined up for GA, had to wait about 3 hours to get into the building, which I didn't mind to be honest because I was way too excite for my first time at the convention. Some people dressed as walker started walking around and scaring people in lines. Once I turned around and a walker was staring right at my face up close, I slightly jumped and smiled to myself.
Some people, after waiting hours in the line were turned out and were not let in due to them wearing bags that exceeded the allowance, for example only see through backpacks were allowed, only handbags and tote bags or any other small bags that you can just open and right away see what's in there were allowed. Therefore people with normal backpacks were not let in. I got annoyed at the fact that they started complaining about it, considering it literally tells you what you can't and can bring to the convention.

Right as soon as I got in I went to see a few panels, which included Khary and Cooper (Ezekiel and his helper who's name I forgot). They both are funny people, surely made me laugh a couple times along with the audience. Since it was Cooper's birthday, the audience sang happy birthday to him along with khary. Then. Khary started talking about how people didn't care in the show when his men died, but when the tiger died everyone suddenly got shocked and sad. Ezekiel and shiva walking dead Ezekiel and Carol walking dead 

After that, all GA fans were forced to exit the panel and re-exit for the next one which would start in 10 minutes. Meaning, if you got a good seat you'll have to abandon it for the next panel. And due to the line up there is a higher chance of someone else taking that good seat because of the people closer to the exit who get to the line up faster, and those seats are further away from the stage, meaning you'll be further away from the stage than you already were before unless you manage to line up before the panel ends. Besides, right after a panel, it is very crowded so hard to squeeze through to be in the first line for the upcoming panels.

Next panel I saw included Pollyanna (Jadis) Simon and Jadis - Icon , Austin (Dwight), Steven (Simon) and Steven (Nicholas). It was also a really funny panel, Simon and Nicholas had a really good sense of humour. The crowd especially loved Steven Ogg (Simon). The interviewer asked the audience which one is the most likely to rive over the seasons and the audience mostly cheered for Simon and the saviours, but when it came to Nicholas, Nicholas cheered for himself along with some of the audience, which made it even more funny, considering Nicholas never had an army.

Afterwards, I looked around Olympia, there was a walker maze charging people £5 per entrance per person. There were a lot of stalls that sold merchandise, not just Walking Dead but also Game of thrones, Guardians of the galaxy, Avengers, Stranger things, Annabelle, Chucky and etc. The stuff was a lot cheaper (surprisingly) than what you'd pay in a local comic book store. For example, everywhere I've seen, even online, Daryl pop vinyl figures are £15-20, but in the event, it only cost £10. People were selling all kinds of stuff, jewellery, Lucilles, Daryl's crossbows, giant groots, annabelles in many sizes, talking chukies, keychains, clothes, posters and anything else you'd expect from a comic book store with extra.

However, do not buy food or drinks at the event, it's not worth it, bring your own as a small bottle of water costs £2.50.

I made friends with this lady in the que for Norman Reedus (Daryl) Daryl Dixon - Icon Daryl Dixon - Icon Daryl Dixon - Icon , we started talking about him, how sweet he is and etc. Then spoke about supernatural and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), about his part in it as John Winchester. Saw Norman act like a diva and get out of his photo op tent then get back in 2 minutes later after he was done making a small circle around the fans.

For the photo op on Saturday, I was group C, so the photo op was at 4pm for me. Norman called me cutie as he stretched out his arm for a side hug to pose for the photo. He said "Awh, you alright, cutie?" before the picture was taken. I said "Can't wait for death stranding" and after it was taken he replied "It will be good, it will be amazing". Shame I could only say a sentence due to the fans having to come in, get a photo taken and get out. I would have wanted an autograph from him just so I could have spoken to him more, however, if you haven't bought it previously, only GOLD and PLATINUM have access to it (For cash sales). Then VIP and only then GA. But it would of been worth it for whatever the price would of been because I would of preferred to talk to him for 2 minutes instead of 2 seconds like I did. I paid £120 for the photo and do not regret it, I love the way it turned out and just being next to him was a great experience, considering he's been my favourite actor for about 4 years now. I also remember how nice he smelled :D as if he sprayed 5+ bottles on himself.

I saw Jeffrey (Negan) Olivia and Negan (Slap) - Icon Negan - Icon Negan - Icon briefly, hugging a fan. Was Interesting to see him in real life.

On Sunday the lines were quite faster but just because I arrived at 10:30 which was already the time when they began to let people in. This time I only had to wait about 1 hour and 30 minutes because of the faster moving lines than Saturday where we had to wait a lot. Before I got into the loooong line, the security checked for deodorants, which were not allowed apparently and other stuff like usual (e.g. weapons, harmful liquids and etc.). Took a look down at the security's table and saw a huge stash of deodorants, like oh wow, a lot of walking dead fans bring that stuff to the convention. As soon as they check your bag they put on a sticker around a handle as an approval.

If you want to go to the toilet - good luck. Just don't ask, just good luck.

I met Tom Payne (Jesus) Jesus walking dead Jesus walking dead Jesus walking dead  on that very day. We said hi, then hugged then he asked me where I was from, after I answered, I gave him my phone and asked him if we could take serious and silly selfies. He took like 6 when I expected him to only take a few. I think it was worth it considering I paid £40 for it. He was a really nice guy. Then I asked if jesus was gay and he answered "yes", I said "Is he actually?" and he reassured "yep" then I said "Cuz I ship him and Daryl" so he joked saying "Fingers crossed". 
Anyways, I already saw the difference in how much time you get when you're in a photo op (seconds) and when you're in a line for autographs/selfies (minutes).
In the line for Tom Payne I saw a pair of cos-players, one as Jesus and the other as Clementine Clem Epic face 

After that, I watched a panel with Michael Rooker (Merle) Merle walking dead zombified Merle walking dead Merle walking dead , which was also very entertaining, he spoke about Black Ops and his role in GOTG (Yondu).  POP! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 - Yondu Yondu Guardians of the galaxy Yondu Guardians of the galaxy Yondu Guardians of the galaxy 

As I went upstairs I passed Steven Ogg (Simon) Simon - Icon Simon - Icon Simon you got a pen emoticon  without even realising. I so badly wanted to say that he had ONE job, Spoilers to kill one and he killed everyone but one. But oh well, was nice enough.

Next year I promised myself to get at least VIP tickets so I could skip the lines and enter 1 hour early (9:30 instead of 10:30).

P.S. The actors seemed quite short in reality :D and throughout the whole comic con, only saw people cosplay as Negan, Carl, Rick, Rosita, Jesus, Clementine, Walkers, Carol - but none as Daryl haha.

Daryl Dixon - Icon TWD - Icon Daryl finger licking good Olivia and Negan (Slap) - Icon the walking dead  gif glenn Negan, Carl, Shiva - Icon Happy Clem Carl Grimes - Icon the walking dead  gif glenn Dwight Thingy the walking dead  gif glenn 


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