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I like to pose 3D characters the best way I can.
I love to play video games, and I'm building up my career for video game development.
I also like to make friends here on DA. As for watchers that ignore other deviants, I'll just block them. I don't want people watching me if they end up ignoring's just so they can fill up their page.

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Currently it's taking me a while to get all the  characters together for my Hero's Universe project.

I'm sorta almost finished organizing...and also trying to find some cool scenery. Then I'll need to find some really cool groups to submit my renders to so they'll get noticed a lot more than they should... otherwise what's the point if they don't?
Hero's Universe The Movie: Risky Encounter Scene
Steppin' up my graphics game now! This isn't Source Filmaker, I use 3DS Max for all my renders since I don't have the necessary computer specs for Source Filmaker.

This is what it would almost be like if I had my little franchise thing into a Machinima film. I'm gonna try to do more like this...If I can keep timing my render processing...

Hero's Universe:


Noire belongs to Idea Factory, Compile Heart, NISA.
Hero's Universe: Meet Sierra
This character is also not any kind of Metroid OC or FC, she is made for "Hero's Universe". Expect a ton of info on her!

About Sierra:

Name: Sierra

Nicknames: Si-Si, (Or as in "CC") Child of Light, Woman of Light

Age: 25 (Slow aging)

Eye Color: Light Blue

Place of Birth: Planet Mobius (In some ancient ruins)

Occupation: A Fighter of a large secret military company, the "Special Forces of The Supernatural"

Likes: Diby, (As one of her own) Scarlet, (As a sister) Zeil, (Lover) Chomper, (As a BIG brother) Vert from the Hyperdimension universe, (Like a sister) Fighting,

Dislikes: Evil, (The Darkness)

Powers/Abilities: Has a mystical sword that can only be wielded by her, Can levitate off the ground to increase her horizontal velocity among the ground, Can also be stationary in mid-air for a short time while performing intense sword attacks and can control her air mobility to increase or decrease vertical or horizontal velocity, Has a goddess form she can not yet reach, Has self healing which takes little time, Can increase her strength temporarily but has a limit to how much she strength she can have, She has a very special connection with Diby and Scarlet...Effects are unknown...When all four fighters come together (Ziel, Diby, Chomper and herself) Their ability stats, skills, and mentality increases incredibly!


There was a time somewhere in a strange universe where there are inhabitants that have certain appearances that differs from another universe. In that universe...A VERY large planet named "Mobius", a bright and vibrant planet that is almost peaceful.There lived a ruler and creator of that planet and his "Royale Family". In some ancient ruins, the wife of "Mobius's Ruler", gave birth to "The Child of Light" and was named "Sierra". The "Ancient Ones" who were in the ruins, saw something very dire in the child's future and knew what must be done. They were to separate the child from the mother and father...but something the ancient ones knew...They saw a "Strange Orb of Light" Containing a soul that appeared out of nowhere, they somehow had a connection with that soul...So they infused that orb with the life of the child along with the "Blessing of Mystical Light" Which those powers will be active once the child reached a certain age. When the Child of Light reached the age of six, the ancient ones came across a...somewhat...adorable tiny black and blue...creature...And with it, a very large and very humble looking monster named "Darius" who was a god of a his own nation on the planet, and was also good friends with the "Ruler of Mobius". The Ancient Ones were expecting the two. The Humble Monster "Darius" was to give up his son to the Ancient Ones, as they saw a dire event in the little creatures future as well. And surprisingly...There came another "Strange Orb of Light", but, the Ancient Ones did NOT expect a second encounter with the strange orb of light. So, they infused that Orb of Light containing the familiar soul they once knew into the life of the child creature along with the "Blessing of Mystical Light", and there it became..."The Beast of Light". About a year later, the not so tiny creature grew larger...A little over the size of Sierra. The Ancient Ones, have came to their decision to let the two go off on their own, as they saw great responsibility in the heart of the grown beast. It was their destiny to depart from their home planet and set off onto an adventure...In another universe that is...A very large universe that had other universes infused with it.
As they settled down in a peaceful location...With an empty nice descent house near a gorgeous mountainous region,
The "Beast" known as "Chomper" given the name by Sierra, treated the seven year old child as if she was like a daughter.
Growing up together, the both of them were training to become the fighters they were born to be. And then...Years have passed, Chomper became insanely large, and Sierra, at the age of 20 has gained more mystical abilities as did Chomper...Then...A somewhat strange looking male wanderer with purple hair came across their home...

(To be continued in the next story, "Meet Zeil")

Hero's Universe:

Meet Diby:

Meet Chomper:

His overview:

Meet Scarlet:
Hero's Universe: Meet Scarlet
SHE IS NOT A ZELDA OC OR AN FC! I created her for "Hero's Universe". She's still mine, it's just that I don't consider her neither a Zelda OC or FC. Notice her ears aren't pointy! :D

About Scarlet:

Name: Hannah

Nicknames: Scarlet

Age: 24

Eye Color: Yellow

Occupation: A Fighter of a large secret military company, the "Special Forces of The Supernatural"

Place of Birth: An unknown village.

Residence: A house outside of "Washinkyo City" in a nice grassy field.

Likes: Diby, (Like one of her own) Sierra, (Like a sister) Vert from the Hyperdimension universe, (Like a sister) Fun and playful people, The color red, (or Scarlet) Chomper, (The "biggest" friend to her) And making people laugh.

Dislikes: Her childhood past.

Relatives: Killed...Only Diby. Diby is somewhat like a son to her.

Powers/Abilities: Has the power of eternal fire which burns hotter than any kind of fire source granted by a wise old man.
Extremely skilled in fighting, Her eyes turn red when she rages with fire and can cause serious damage to her opponents, Can absorb fire from any source, If battling an ice element she will be unaffected due to her type of fire power, Can cause a "meltdown" which could be dangerous when Diby and Scarlet combine their fire power in a certain way and catch everything on fire (or melt) in a 3 mile radius. (almost like a nuke)


Born in an unknown village, there lived a poor five year old little orphan girl. The people in the village were very hardworking and trying to keep there homes safe from the demons that come out during nightfall. The little girl named Hannah, who's only friend was a "wise old man" that lives deep beneath the village, studying about the darkness.
She was taken under his wing and was provided the caring she desperately needed, and was taught about the demons...And the one that controls them. By the time she turned twelve, during nightfall...Tragedy struck the village.
The one that controls the demons...The witch named "Devora". She killed everyone and destroyed the whole village, all who was left was the "Wise old man", and Hannah. "Devora" then discovered Hannah was the last one in the village...So she thought. Hannah tried to defend herself by attempting to fight the witch. Taking an awful beating, Devora noticed that she had some fight in her, and that she won't back down no matter what the odds were. So, Devora spared her life and instead put a curse on her..."The curse of fire". From then on, everything she touched bursts into flame, every footstep she takes, leaves a path of fire, for every short little breath, is a very hot flame. With the "Wise old man" unable to help her at the time, Hannah, angry and at the same time sobbing with tears, she wandered around what was left of the village for a day, afraid to go anywhere else...But during that whole time, the old man was creating a cure for the curse.
He then found Hannah roaming around, and caught up to her. She was surprised the he came to her but, still afraid of what she might accidentally do to him. The wise man told her that he could get rid of the curse...But by not getting rid of her fire powers which was impossible but, to have full control over it and use it to fight back evil. The cure for the curse was a hot pepper which was sorta ironic but, mostly silly. A hot pepper filled with spices and a little bit of sorcery which will also give her great strength. Too spicy to eat for a human but, Hannah didn't care on bit. Hannah ate the pepper out of the old man's hand which she had to do to keep from touching him. The extreme spicy taste of the pepper seemed like it didn't affect her at all but, it did and as serious as she was, she took it like it was nothing. Finally cured...The old man was to leave her as it was his time...But before that, he told her what to do and where she needed to go. He gave her food and water for her trip. After that the old man walked off and disappeared into thin air. Hannah's destination was a temple, a school of fighting for the ones that are blessed with supernatural abilities, and for the ones that are lost.
She arrived an was taught a very difficult style of fighting, years passed on and she became a master faster than the rest of the students. After she became a master, she left the temple, and discovered a city. She made a few friends there and she found a nice house just far outside the city.

For a very cheerful and strong young woman, she can sometimes be clumsy.

Hero's Universe:

Meet Diby:

Meet Chomper:

His overview:
I just HAVE to share this!
Just click on the large thumbnail! :dummy:…
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Hero's Universe: Meet Diby (8K Res)
Some Info about Diby:

Name: Diby

Nicknames: Dibs, Diby dib.

Age: Unknown

Eye Color: White with blue

Place of Birth: Planet "Nova" from another universe where stars are born

Likes: Eating a lot, playing, making friends, Scarlet, (A second mother figure to him) Sierra, (An actual mother figure to him) Chomper, (More of a big brother to him) Blanc, (From the Hypderdimension Neptunia universe) Compa (From the Hypderdimension Neptunia universe) Nursing people back to health. Flying on his "Flight Warpstar".

Dislikes: Mean people, Evil, Fighting, (Fights when he needs to).

Powers/Abilities: Has the power of the solar element, Has a magic hat based off a design of "Lady White Heart" , he can keep as many objects in his hat as he wants and pull them out whenever and however, Can summon his Flight Warpstar at will, Can summon his "Weapons of Fire" Also based off of the design of the "Goddess Yellow Heart". Can hurl himself toward his opponents in a huge explosive ball of fire. He's extremely skilled with his main weapons and engaging combat.

Back Story:

Born on a planet called "Nova", there The Goddess of Stars" gives birth to four brothers "Chosen To Be Star Warriors of The Universe" and there names were: "Wirby", "Pluto", "Nexus", and "Diby". In the peaceful kingdom, All four, as just babies were called upon by the "God of Stars" to receive there blessing of light. At that time during the ceremony, a strange orb of light out of nowhere unseen by anyone, vanished into Diby and was consumed by him who was the only one who saw it. Shortly after that, the four brother's received their powers. One with the power of telekinesis with summoning the blade of Nova, one with the power of unlimited strength with summoning the gauntlets of power, one with the power of arc energy with summoning the doubled headed axe of lightning, and one with the power of solar with summoning the claws of fire.

Not long after the ceremony, the darkness has found it's way towards planet Nova, consuming everything around the planet until it invades. Very powerful dark demon creatures from another world took over and corrupted the planet. While the other fighter and the God fighting with his dying breath, the Goddess of Stars have secured the Warriors in an escape pod located in the goddesses keep. There were only four separate pods and the goddess had no choice to launch the four brothers as far away from the planet and each other as possible. With tears in there eyes, the four brothers looked at one another as there about to be launched, barely figuring out that they were supposed to be brothers. Immediately after launch, the goddess and everyone were killed and the planet was destroyed and consumed.

Diby, traveled very far for a long time and ended up in a very huge and odd looking universe. His pod crashed near a home in the middle of a peaceful looking plain near a gorgeous mountain region. There lived three very odd characters...

To be continued in the next upload...

Hero's Universe:

I'm gonna be working hard on the next one.
Chomper: Overview
Now for some basic info:

Name: Chomper

Nicknames: Chomps, Chompy, Chunky butt

Title/Rank: Master Chef, Fighting Demon, Beast of light

Place of Birth: Planet Mobius in a different universe

Age: Unknown

Weight: 5,850 lbs

Height: 13'2 (On any scale, Chomper would be a half bigger than Bowser's size)

Eye Color: Blue

Likes: Cooking, Eating, Fighting, Throwing his weight around, Cute anime girls, (Not in a sexual way) studying and collecting ancient relics (exotic items, rocks, and objects)

Dislikes: Not eating after a very long time, Food with bad taste. (He eats it anyway sometimes)

Residence: Has a custom built home to fit his huge size. (On earth)

Any Sense of Humor?: It's as big as he is!

Relatives: Sierra, (A kind of a sister who grew up together on Mobius) Zeil, (A brother in-law) Diby, (A kind of a little brother)

Powers/Abilities: Power of "The Mystic Light", Can light travel by morphing into an orb of light (Consumes a great amount of his energy) Can summon "The Weapons of Light", Breathes blue fire, Has a god form he can't reach yet.
Can lift 20 times his own weight.
Hero's Universe: Meet Chomper (8K Res)
Finally he's back!

Some fun facts about Chomper:

- Compared to Bowser, Chomper's size will always be half Bowser's size on any scale.

- Chomper has mystical powers, has the ability to travel by light in an agile way. He transforms into a big orb of light (can cause temporary blindness when used in combat) and can appear anywhere around his opponents, but it uses a great amount of his energy.

- There's a gadget around his neck that can summon his weapons of light at will. The gadget also has other features, currently unknown.

- Do NOT underestimate his hunger. Do NOT even use his hunger for anything! When he starves he goes insane and destroys anything for food. He gains unbelievable strength and power and becomes unstoppable...unless his belly is full.

- On his home planet, he's a master chef. Here on Earth, he's a master chef. His cooking is something to die for!
He makes his food tastes unbelievably delicious. He cooks healthy foods, fancy foods, and desserts. Mostly he cooks foods that will have you begging for more and may get you fat!

- He really loves to cook and also loves to fight, but his profession and main hobby is having knowledge about ancient relics, exotic looking items such as rocks, stones, crystals, any kind of rocks basically, strange objects with aura consuming the object, things like that.

- His humor....Is as BIG as HE is!

- He has a nickname that a certain someone calls him. "Chunky Butt"!

- He comes from a Universe where characters can differentiate there appearance from the one called "King Koopa".

I may have more characters I want to introduce, but I'm still trying to work on them since they're based off of that..."Universe" I just explained.
Hero's Universe
Hero's Universe started off in the game "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" five years ago (This explains why I wanted to use the Smash Bros mark). A couple years after that, I decided to try and take this thing out the game, and put it in a creative scene with a story to it.

The thing about this is, that it focuses on the light battling the darkness. The one called "Dominus" (No, not from Destiny 2, besides I had this name first) Emerges from beyond time and space to consume and merge different universe's into one. The one that is the most powerful god in the universe, named "Yamir". Fighting off the strongest, most darkest of all evil...Dominus. Yamir fights to his last breath by sealing the darkness away in a chamber of light but, the damning part about this is that he only sealed only a bit of the darkness away with his last breath. The little bit of darkness overpowered him but, during his death, he was able to split his soul into NINE orbs of light, and they would scatter across all universes that were touched by the darkness. Those orbs were to choose another living soul and possess them with Yamir's light. Those living souls were chosen VERY RANDOMLY. There were other gods in the universe that were aware of Yamir's death, then came the prophecy..."Those Warriors of Light will unite from other universes to form the ultimate power of light and banish Dominus forever, and return the universe back into separate universes.

Still working on my story telling though. ^^; The concept of this is twice as better in my head...just
trying to show some of it.
Chomper Returns (8K Res)
I haven't done anything for my chunky buddy in a while now! He's getting the love he so deserves from me.
He's got not too much of a new look (which I will reveal in the next render).

Here was my last render and old look of him:
Mr. Alan And Vert
I think I've found my new style...Just gotta go through a ton of those steps I took to make this.
I've made an anime like 3D render like I've always wanted. (Finally!)
This is part of a "Thing" that I've been working on the past 3 years, and I may upload a sample of the project next.

Please comment!

Original render:
Portrait Studio: Introducing Mr. Alan
Anyway, I've been wanting to do this for months now but it took me a lot of time to find some things...
Hope anyone likes it.

ALSO, No, they're not a couple. I don't want to see a group for this kind of thing requesting me to submit it.
Alan likes Noire though...


Hyperdimension Neptunia Vert belongs to Compile Heart, Idea Factory.
::W.I.P:: Alan - The Next Gen Cyborg Ninja
Been months since I've uploaded something I wonder why...Anyway, I've had this design in my head for a few years now and I'm finally able to see it!

I'm still working on some things that need major improvements.


Lunar Staff Converted And Extracted by :icontheforgottensaint47:
I just got my HDD connector and I've discovered that my old hard drive has none of my old projects on there. So that means EVERYTHING wasn't there this whole time since the crash. SO, It's time to create a new game file...

[New Game]


[Enter Name For Game File]


Project: Universe Heroes


That's right, I'm gonna be focusing on re-creating my main character first, then my other OC, Diby.
It will take me some time before I can do some renders though. I'll need to make everything from scratch ssooo....

                                           {START NEW GAME}

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My newer computer came today, it's 85% better than the one I sent back, and the one I have that I can't access. (It has all my projects on it)

Now If I can just get my things off of that old HDD...

Oh and also, I'm studying to join the Air Force again.
Taking it real serious now.
I just HAVE to share this!
Just click on the large thumbnail! :dummy:…
  • Listening to: Videogame soundtracks

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