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Frozen: Magic between times.
It was a winter night in Arendelle some time ago. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a strange sensation in my chest, something I couldn´t describe; I got out of the bed, out of my room and walked towards the main hall, where Anna and I used to play when we were little girls, then I saw it. There, in the middle of the room, was a strange green light, illuminating the place, like ripping a hole in the air, I felt like it was calling me.
«It’s so strange, what should I do? » I thought, standing at a medium distance from the light.
—I should investigate by myself, I can´t let it hurt anyone —I said to myself and walked towards it.
Once I was in front of the light I extended my arm towards it, after touching I felt strange and saw how the light surrounded me; then nothing, I lost consciousness.
—Are you alright?
I woke up after hearing someone talking to me. When I opened my eyes I saw a young girl with pale skin and
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Demencia y Black Hat by Brave-Shine Demencia y Black Hat :iconbrave-shine:Brave-Shine 37 5
Life priorities
It’s interesting how each person defines his priorities in life. Everyone has the right to choose what’s important and what isn’t, in this occasion, as always, I just want to express my opinion.
These days the material goods are very important to a lot of people and that’s something I think we should consider a little bit more. We need money and things in our lives but when they become a priority that goes a little bit too far, I’ve seen cases where people without a stable economic status acquire pricey items just to “look cool” and also acquire great debts to pay them when their families should be a priority, when we’re not going to take anything with us when we die… we should keep that in mind.
I think that another factor that influences this kind of decisions are advertisements and wanting to be accepted by a certain group of people. Advertisements create necessities in us or at least a desire that feels like a necessity, that
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World refugee day
I think this day it’s a great opportunity to talk about understanding, love, tolerance and compassion. Our world it’s shifting in a more radical way than what we’ve seen before, it could be because of war or a natural disaster but a lot of people has to leave the land they knew to find better chances or even a safe place to live. 
The world doesn’t belong to anyone, sure, we’re able to own a house, a place to live, but thinking we own such a big piece of land, like a country, just because we we’re born there just doesn’t seems right. I know there could be cases were a family has been in the same place for generations, but in a lot of other cases our families came from elsewhere and we came to call the new place our home, in the case of refugees that change wasn’t completely by choice, they were forced in a sense, as humans we should be empathetic and think how we’d like to be treated if we lost everything and went on searching
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Why do we miss the point?
Before anything I want to comment that this entry is going to be about religious themes; I completely respect any religion and people who don’t have one/ don’t believe in these things; I mention this so that everyone can decide to keep reading or not depending on their interests. Also I want to state that my opinions are my own.
Now entering in the main subject of this post… today I saw a conflict between people of different religions, I’m always trying to understand more about people’s ideas, feelings and actions, among other things, to be able to help and find a common ground where everyone can get along, respect and care for each other, but as you may know already that’s a difficult thing to do. The subject of the discussion I saw was composed of two part: first if people should be allowed to pronounce the name of God and then the nature of god himself. Is he part of a trinity and the trinity at the same time? is he a being with a son? are there 2
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Love is... love.
There’s a lot to talk about tolerance in the world, there are a lot of different cultures, ways of thinking, and as much as I’d like to travel and know as many as possible that’s quite complicated, in no small part by the restrictions humans have established upon themselves, like if anyone could really be the owner of land; I support people being “owner” of a certain portion to have a home but when we talk about certain people being the owners of something like a country, that’s another scale, people should be free to go around the world freely, the place of land where we born shouldn’t set us apart from others, but well, that’s a topic for another day.
With time i’ve tried to understand as much perspectives as I’m able about a lot of topics, wanting to understand and wanting to help in many ways as I can and I like to think that improves my possibilities, right now June it’s the pride month and I think it is a great opp
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The real world
Recently I’ve heard that quote constantly “this is the real world,” what troubles me it’s the context in which I’ve heard it. When I’ve talked with classmates, possible employers or acquaintances about sincerely helping people, making a movement or even an association and trying to transmit the message of love, honor and justice there is people that don’t think that’s even worth the try, their argument: “this is the real world,” and that gets me thinking, why do we have to associate the real world with negative things? Why do we have to make it sound so… hopeless?
I understand that we live in difficult times, there’s crime, war, intolerance just to say some examples, but all those things have a source and as humans we are the cause and the solution of the problem, with education, with awareness and with the sincere wish to do good we could do a lot for each other and for the world. Our day to day it’s plagued
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Overwatch stories - Genji: Chapter I.
When I was just the youngest of the Shimada clan I saw a world completely different of the one I see today. The clan raised their members under ideas of honor, loyalty, yet their power, their dominance over the other clans came from illegal businesses, from fear… that irony led me to only respect their ninja training, the only thing that remained faithful to our origins, the only real connection we had with our ancestors. The time came when the clan disapproved of my actions and talked with my father, he wasn’t that harsh with me even after that, at some points I think that he understood but he knew he couldn’t change the clan ways, ultimately that divergence in his ideas, combined with the support he gave, me got him killed. By the time my father passed my mother had already been gone for a couple of years, that let only Hanzo and me,
My brother Hanzo embodied the other part of my father, the part that was fine with the clan activities, that was focused in his duty t
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Overwatch stories - Tracer: Chapter III.
I arrived at Angela’s house a couple of minutes before Ana’s team, passing alongside them in the process, I knocked at the door but no one answered, the lights were on, so I thought there was someone at home.
“Stop Lena! If things are the way we think this could be dangerous, let us handle the situation,” said Ana, who had just arrived and was getting out of her armored vehicle.
“Why do you look so hostile all of a sudden?” I asked, getting right In front of her, “what do you mean with ‘handle the situation’?”
“We must do what’s necessary, if Gabriel’s here we have to take him prisoner, make him face the consequences of what he did.”
“I can’t believe it, how can you be so harsh?” I said looking straight at her eyes, “how can you just assume you were on the right side? We shouldn’t even have had sides to start with! What are you going with Angela? with Jesse? with Genji?...
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Overwatch stories: - Chapter II.
I woke up the next day a little bit disoriented, my first Saturday in my new home. It was strange to wake up in a new place and adding to that strange feeling was the fact that I was in a small bed in the middle of a practically empty room, I was used to feeling comfy in a place I knew, one that felt like home, and I needed to give this place that feeling, but there was still something comforting; it was a rainy day and I liked that, hearing the rain falling on the roof, smelling the wet soil, it was a great sensation. After fully waking up I decided to get out of bed and walk to one of the balconies.
“Wow! That’s cold!” I said after a little shudder when my bare feet touched the wood floor; I was used to having carpet in my room so that was something unexpected.
After that I reached one of my suitcases and took my pink bunny slippers, a gift from Kim, that made me feel a little bit nostalgic, I didn’t had the chance to say goodbye personally, her family was on
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Overwatch stories - Chapter I.
Many times I wished to be able to live a videogame-like life, but I never thought that wish could come true, not until that day…
Since I was a kid I really liked videogames and I had the luck of having parents that were able to buy them for me. I was really good playing and I would improve as I grew up but there was a downside: loneliness. I wouldn’t say I was shy at school, I liked to talk but usually the other girls weren’t be interested in what I had to say, and boys… well, that usually ended in two scenarios; the boy just wanted to talk about videogames to be closer to me -something in what I wasn’t interested- or they got mad when I won, telling me a girl couldn’t be that good, that I was cheating or something, I hurt their ego and they take that very seriously, not just as kids, it appears that’s part of them, never disappears. I’d like to say I had friends as I grew up, I talked with girls at school, or at least was part of the con
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Overwatch stories - Tracer: Chapter II.
I woke up early the next morning, the sun wasn’t out yet and I felt uncomfortable after having slept in my suit, a lot of my muscles felt stiff, my upper back more than the rest. I got up, took a bathrobe from one of the drawers in the closet and went to take a bath. When I took off my suit and let it on the sink console I wondered if that was the last time I used it, that thought brought a lot of melancholy and sadness again, so I tried to ignore it as best as I could. I spent quite some time in the bathtub, just trying to avoid thinking of what happened, but eventually my emotions overflowed; I think I cried everything I was still repressing and then just felt exhausted, but better nonetheless. After that I got out, dried myself and changed into a hiking outfit; yellow tank top, blue jeans and brown hiking boots that matched my usual jacket, I wanted to go to the lake, maybe the mountains, to distract myself a little bit. While I was thinking about the day and tying my boots th
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Overwatch stories - Tracer: Chapter I.
I liked being part of Overwatch, I really did, the fact of needing the chronal accelerator was a downside, but I knew everything good has it’s downsides, besides I don’t have to wear it all the time, but yeah… I really liked those days, still, everything comes to an end eventually.
After the explosion on headquarters I knew everything was over, it may have taken some time for it to be official but for me it already was. I would like to be able to say I didn’t see it coming, but I did, I think all of us did, the rift between Gabriel and Jack was growing bigger and bigger but I never expected it to end like this. At the moment of that tragedy I helped taking as much people as I could out of the place; I did that until I was exhausted, I didn’t find  Gabriel or Jack, I must admit I feared the worst. At the end of the day I just sat on a pile of rubble and saw them; Ana, Winston, Jesse, Genji, TorbjÖrn and Reinhardt, all of them helping, all of them
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Overwatch stories - Reaper: Chapter II.
I waited at the nearest mountain from Angela’s house; there were many vehicles filled with Overwatch related organizations soldiers but there was just one Overwatch agent, Ana. She appeared to be scouting the place with the other soldiers and just some minutes after I left I saw Lena go out of the front door with Angela leaning on her, she seemed hurt but I knew it was nothing she couldn’t fix, I left after that.
I wasn’t really aware of my surroundings at the time; everything seemed so new, felt so new, I started walking a path through the mountains covered in fresh snow, just walking some time, involuntarily shifting to smoke at other. I remember the stars, the quietness; it was a cold and lonely place.
“She told me to check on you, to check if you were going to make it.”
Her voice was unexpected, I thought that Angela could talk about what happened but they couldn’t have fo
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Overwatch stories - Reaper: Chapter I.
I remember when I woke up after the explosion; I was badly injured but able to move, still, when I walked out of that place I had just one thing in mind, Jack must have survived as well. I knew Overwatch was finished that day, after all I’ve done for them it ended like this, they turned their backs on me, and to think that I considered them my friends; that I did the hard work they didn’t want to be part while in Blackwatch, there’s no justice in that, no honor, and I was going to make them pay.
I patched my wounds as best as I was able that night, breaking in a drugstore in the outer part of the city, I made sure not to let any clues that could link me to the place, as far as the authorities were going to know it was just another robbery. Still I knew I needed medical treatment; all my time fighting got me to know that the injuries I had through all my body were severe but I had a plan, I knew a former Overwatch scientist with experimental treatments to improve cell
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Piensa en un puente
Piensa en un puente colgante, uno que te lleva a donde quieres llegar, aquello que anhelas, deseas, o simplemente que quieres ver como un capricho más de tu curiosidad, piensa que detrás se encuentra todo el lugar en que has estado, aquello que conoces y no quieres más, porque de quererlo ¿por qué estarías cruzando el puente? y piensa, piensa en que caer no es lo preocupante, no, caer seria de cualquier forma otra solución a todo lo que te aflige, no, lo preocupante es el permanecer donde estas, en el puente, en medio, y piensa que cuando un tablón de madera cruje bajo tus pies tienes miedo, pero al ver que resiste te armas de valor  y esperanza, valor por tu viaje, por terminar el camino que recorres y esperanza en que el siguiente tablón resistirá, que no crujirá al pasar sobre él.
Piensa también en la vista, piensa en que aunque parezca igual, al encontrarte sobre cada tablón aquello que alcanzas a ver es dif
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All my works belong to me.

In case of works based on already made content the rights of the content used belongs to their original owners while the narrative/story belongs to me.

Please don't copy or use any of my works without my written permission.


Todos mis trabajos me pertenecen.

En caso de trabajos basados en contenido ya hecho el contenido utilizado pertenece a sus dueños originales mientras que la narrativa/historia me pertenece.

Favor de no copiar o utilizar alguno de ellos sin mi permiso escrito.

Muchas Gracias


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Just finished reading the latest number of "Unstoppable Wasp" and i must say i'm loving the comic, it has so much lessons and so many daily life things, it's pretty, serious and dramatic and it gives such a good message for everyone, in a special sense to girls i think, a message that they can be whatever they want, whoever they want, that they have the course of their lives in their hands and that they can be... unstoppable. 

Hello there, I’ve decided to write a little bit more about everyday topics, I think that sharing our thoughts, our perspective of certain situations and life itself we can enhance our own vision.

Recently there has been a lot of intolerance and injustice in the world, I think that in his individualism man fails to see the world trough other people eyes and just makes sense with his own beliefs, I truly think that if people opened themselves with each other we could understand ourselves better, so let’s try to put our little contribution in play and try to make a change,…let’s spread love, honor and justice. 



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