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A sketch of what :iconkeinzantezuken: requested me to do.

In a few words, it is supposed to be a view of Canterlot a few hundred (thousand ?) years after the show, the town is left to the wild and covered in snow, just as the rest of equestria. Adult Spikes comes here in memory of his late friends.

Well, I called it sunset, but according to the direction of the balcony, it should be sunrise ^^

Edit : Update : In progress :p
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this in fron Antipodes: [link]
Antipodes is a Fanficcion that follows the adventures of Jigsaw and Tiptoe in Equestrian 10,000 years in the future after that Celestia, Luna and Twilight, were mysteriously banished and the world fell into an endless twilight (you should read it, its awesome)
You, not having read a single chapter (which is what I think) captures the emotion and feelings of loneliness and wisdom of Spike as then display in the history.
This is definitely a great piece of art.
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It really is. It makes you realize there will be a time when the Mane 6 are gone. It's no wonder dragons are such solitary creatures.
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Very very nice! :D
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I dunno how you did it, but that dragon looks very obviously like Spike. Just... something about him, I knew it was Spike instantly!
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Ah... awesome. Any plans on coloring/painting or, may be, adding more details in future?
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Yep, i'm planning on colouring it don't worry =)
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Oh yes, and now I see the color composition you plan to do! This is going to be beautiful in colors, oh yes.
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Oh, I don't, I was merely curious. It looks amazing already even in sketch!
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