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Fall Weather Friends

Ha ! Finally done ! 'took me soooo long.

Beware, wall of uninterresting text beyond that point.
For the little story, I started with multiple layers (Well kind of normal ...) But then I just merged everything, and started to detail applejack ! After being so smart, I thought of doing some absolutely awful trees, then do some more, then Change to some better looking trees, wich took me approximatively 3 hours to do one.

Then I found back my brain (after around 3 months of time, and around 20 or 30 hours on that), and I used layers, and a bit of brain, and It took me something like 10 hours to redraw everything exept for applejack x).

Little story appart, have some Fall weather friends fanart. Obviously, Rainbow dash is letting applejack winning. Because Dash cannot lose. Dash IS best pony after all ....

Well, with that finished, I will at least be abble to work on Sunset !

PS : original size : A4 300dpi (3508*2480)
Edit : Added Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark
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Simply....AMAZING :D
Really love the whole pic, the lighting, the shading, the details *.*
+fave +watch, that's all I can do^^
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Awesome! Love the colours and detail, it really gives the impression of an autumn sunset
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I can't believe this exists! WOW!
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WOW, very nice! I love the trees.
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Wow, amazing job.
I'd say all that time was worth it!
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I would drop a comment here but I guess I said it many times already - I'm in love with the colors you choose and the backgrounds you do >_>
Argh, this is so good, but...blank flanks. :c
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Aaaargh, I forgot It, dammnit. It was 4:30 Am when I finished, my bad. Gonna fix it ...
~yay~ it's fixed! :D
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very well done! ^^
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