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Dr Whooves wallpaper

Finally back into ponies. This past week of poster making was so long ....

Anyway, starting we Dr Whooves, since it has been so long since I was asked to do this one =). I did not know how I should draw him, so I guess this will do.

For once, 16*10, because, well I don't know. Blarg.
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I love you. ;-;
This will work great for arranging icons without making the picture look stupid!
Braukoly's avatar
haha thanks !
And yes, wallpapers need to have space for icons :)
DarkSoulRockman's avatar
Woo. Gonn' use this as my laptop's wallpaper. :)
SolarFlare-Solis's avatar
Hey! Finished my wallpaper [link]

Thanks for da doctor!
SolarFlare-Solis's avatar
WOAH. Very nice job on that. Would you mind if I borrowed him(the image of him, not the background) and use it for a background I make? I will give you fullcredit obviously.
Braukoly's avatar
No I don't mind. Please do. (If you want the image of him, it should be in the vector compilation)
SolarFlare-Solis's avatar
um, which compilation? XD
EonEvolution's avatar
This is brilliant; I think you captured him perfectly.
ThisIsPolaris's avatar
Nice pose! Good job!
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