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DJ-PON3 wallpaper

A.k.a. vynil scratch. I made her eyes red because it looked good, even though nobody knows their real color ...

Edit : For 2560 * 1600 resolution : [link]
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Hi :)

I used this image as a base to create a background for a music mix on my Youtube channel. Have credited you just above the track listing

Edited image and vid is here…

Please let me know if you're not happy with me using it
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Concept and execution on all of these are fantastic, but this one still blows me away every time I come back to your page to look at it. The way she seems to glow out of the darkness is just perfect. :love:
i need to critique this a little. this is my favourite mlp background, going as far as to remove all others from selection to prevent changing it, but there are some little details that sort of bother me. i'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but her horn sort of looks off to the side. her head is straight side profile and when lining up the nose, the horn seems off centre, closer towards the audience. also, it looks as though she is missing a leg. i can see where it may be hidden behind the others, however with her hind leg being so far back and the angle that the leg missing should be at, it should be visible. i'm not saying this to be harsh, it's just some small things i noticed and wanted to constructively criticize
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I have to agree for the horn. Now that you mention it...
For the leg, it may be because I draw it, but I can see the four of them, even if the one pressing against the headphones is not that visible due to the cut. Maybe it's easier to see here : [link]
ohh i can see it now, in my mind she was just walking, and i didn't quite see it, but now i do, my mistake :)
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anyone no where i can get a pair of these headphones
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I would like you to know: I liked this background so much, (and I used it for a Stepmania Song) that I searched for 20 minutes, solid, just to track down who originally made this in lieu of just grabbing someone else's work whom I could easily credit.
Thanks for being so good at what you do and if, for some reason, you demand I not credit you for this awesome pic and I use another piece of work, I shall respect those wishes. ;)
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So THIS Is where the first compilation album cover came from-I always wondered! Well DONE-makes that album 20% cooler!!!
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would you mind if i make a background with this ?
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i don't mind =)
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is there a vector for this
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that would be great
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There is a vector in the Vector compilation I've posted. Well it's not exactly a vector. If you want a svg file, I think I could make one.
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Hey would you be able to have a larger version of the symbol on Vinyl's headphones, and be willing to negotiate selling the rights to it?
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yeah, sure. Sorry for answering just now. My net just (almost) work again.
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I love it, great work Braukoly, just awesome.
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My mind is still trying to resist...Ak! Love and Tolera-No! *Slaps self*....heh....heh....(Ok, just Fave, doiwnload, and apply to HD phone's wallpaper and I can be free.......I hope 0_o)
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I bet if skullcandy were to pick up on DJ Pon3 tread. they would make a lot of cash. This would be one of their top designs.
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ohh and you may iterested it this [link] (Message from Vinyl Scratch) maybe you allready know it :)
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